[Intermediate+] The Island [Game]

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    Ikariam team

    • Im voting towards MaulICE. at this point. He is the only one being hostile. and when stranded on a island in the middle of the ocean hostile is not a good thing to have. If you were pro town you would be sitting back not worrying about little things like Bam just checking in to say hi, You attacked him right off the bat. Hes not even voted for you and you are still pushing him. So scummy of you, I stand by my vote. If Im wrong oh well cant get it right every time.
    • I'm a bit late, but it was saturday, beers were had.
      @bam I see your point about hari and the doctor, but in a way I have to agree with him, no kills could mean a RB did his job. But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
      Though, the spooning part in the story could mean the spooner was a protector, or it could mean Kaleg only wrote it to mess with us after tiger humped my leg, just to give us something more to think about. Both possibilites are plausible.
      @baka don't use english as a second language to confuse us, we all know you're a damn cop!
      Anyways... For now, Maul is standing out a bit for me, first the whole "I didn't vote for you yet" thing, and got somewhat too defensive after tiger's vote, worth keeping an eye on him for now.
    • Frozen Angel wrote:

      from what I remember from you, you were a very discussion maker/pusher type of guy. or am I miss remembering :/
      FA remembers my style, Hans, why don't you?

      @ Psycho, if you want hostile , I can give it. Now, answer the question. Why do you have no/any opinion about anyone except the one challenging you? I'm not playing the game as a friend, I see everyone as a baddie until they prove otherwise. START PROVING.

      @ Hans, I gave my reason regarding that comment, are you skimming?

      As its my first game here for a while with new and seemingly forgetful people.This is how I get information I challenge the people that make me react the most to the posts they make. If people don't like it, I worry them like a SheepDog even more. And Psycho you seem worried.

    • I have to say Maul is being noticeably more aggressive than I've picked up on before, so I'm suggesting either an overcompensation to seem innocent or PMS ;)

      So vote Maul
      BaM - Definition, bad at Mafia
      Sharpe12 - Definition, (Supremely handsome also refined, pulchritudinous & excellent) x12
    • Asking for an extension now based on drk's whole not being around yesterday or today thing.

      Unfortunately, and believe me I know how this looks... I will not be voting for psycho based on his current play.

      Sig by June 8)
      Love is like air, without it... I die.

      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Actually

      Unvote if any

      Vote : hari

      Rereading the game this looks like coasting type of guy who seems is contributing but never makes, generate persue a read.

      Useless is useless - pretending to be useful while your doing nothing is scummy.

      Sharpe talk to me about your maul read.

      Sig by Kaleg Nar
    • Vote Count
      Hari: Bam, FA
      Sharpe: Maul
      Maul: Psycho, Sharpe
      6 votes for a lynch

      45 hours 40 minutes left in Day 2.

      With the extension, I'm leaning towards granting it this time as I definitely see a reasonable desire for it. If I have a couple more people request it, I'll most likely grant another 24 hours.

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
    • I mean, I wouldn't say I'm certain on Maul, it's just an inkling, and I don't really remember him being this aggressive in previous games. So I'm just thinking maybe he's overcompensating on the townie apppearance front.

      I might not stay with him, but unless someone else peaks my interest it's going to stay there.
      BaM - Definition, bad at Mafia
      Sharpe12 - Definition, (Supremely handsome also refined, pulchritudinous & excellent) x12
    • First thing first:

      I support the extension request

      Second, you all are confusing me. Most posts by most everyone could be interpreted in several manners.

      My mind is numb as I've just woke up (you gotta love having a inverted day).

      For those who mentioned my English: Thank you. I did use to put is a fluent in CV and work applications when I did those, but there are some minor technicalities still (like the one time bam got me lynched for saying I was "certain" he wasn't Turkeh's killer when in fact he was. I still use certain as "having a good feeling of confidence" as opposed to "100% sure with proof", but you get the picture)

      If I had to vote for someone who was coasting and not actually adding much it would be Hans. He's been buddying the whole player list instead. I'm just being patient (see? Now someone will think I'm being detained in a hospital!) :P
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

    • @PsYcHoTiGeR

      I'd love to see you stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean after your ship has sunk and see how laid back you would be!!

      IF you think Maul is being hostile I could come up with various reasons for his nervousness, including -but not limited to- worrying about the drinkable water supply (obviously the ocean is salty), the hot sun (his sunblock must've sunk along with the rest of his luggage), a reliable source of food (Kaleg didn't mention coconut palms or little furry animals), but the most likely reason is being locked in an island with a psych. That is sure worrying to me,

      In fact, I am a tad anxious myself, but that's because my favourite football team has a game in 2 hours that should decide whether we progress to the knock outs. I don't think Maul has ever heard of Zamalek FC though, so I very much doubt he shares the notion on this one.

      @HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU

      Why Cop over -say- Jailkeeper or Coroner (that was my role in the last game and I sure didn't get promoted for losing the game). I'll keep you guessing though.
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

    • Sorry guys. I was expecting the night phase to last a bit longer and then I would have only been MIA one day and not two. :(

      I will make a quick post now and then, depending on when I get home, another tonight.

      bakakadassa wrote:

      WOW! First time EVER that I feel Drk is being genuinely furious! 8o

      Actually, I think I got more than I wanted from her slot already. In my experience she is not capable of faking THAT, so she must be TOWN in this game (at least for the time being, since she mentioned swapping sides and a cult isn't beyond Kaleg's modding style).

      But, WOW, Drk. I mean, I could've responded in many different ways and argued stuff, but this really feels different from the usually laid back indifferent you. I'd rather be a fool and believe it than be a jerk and keep the pressure.
      @Baka - I was by no means furious or even upset when I wrote that. But I'm glad you got my point. :)

      Frozen Angel wrote:

      I agree there are several scenarios about this that - a lot of them are not so lovely -

      I don't follow the logic you used here for the vote though.
      I have to admit Hari's post stood out to me as well, so I do see why Bam voted him. But at the same time, almost anyone would have made a comment similar to that since there was no night kill.

      @Bam - Would you have voted for anyone for saying that? Or was there something more specific about what he said that made you vote him?

      bakakadassa wrote:

      So, this game needed Xerxes for sure. I want some GOOD reaction when I bring up the C word. I want panic, disgust, rage and what not. Oh, and LM too
      Really? We are going with that again? But I will give you this one. With what I have figured out and that fact that there was no night kill, this crossed my mind as well.

      SheepDog wrote:

      if it was a doctor that just so happen to save the person getting targeted then you are one lucky person.
      At this point, this has already been discussed and this is all that you have to talk about? What about Hari's vote? What about Baka mentioning cult? Yes, I said it....I'm not scared to say it :P

      MaulICE wrote:

      Psycho. So, there's no reason to vote for someone, what are you going to do to find that reason? Sitting on the fence and letting everyone else do the work is poor game play.

      Try explaining why there's no reason for Now.
      I could not have said this better myself. I didn't quote the rest of Maul's post, but I have to say that I have to agree with most of it, especially about Sharpe. I'm sure there was something else that stood out to where you could have posted more than what you did. I do see that it was explained later, but only after being questioned about it. The post of Bam's that you are referring to is a bit off, but having played with Bam for awhile now....it seems normal. He comes off naturally scummy to me as I am sure that he does to most. To me, that post seems almost intentional scummy.

      PsYcHoTiGeR wrote:

      Im going to VOTE MaulICE

      I dont like you.
      You were doing so well in the last game with giving thought out reasons for voting and we are back at this?

      This is everything up until post 120 that stood out to me enough to make a comment. I have glanced at the rest and I will hopefully get back later tonight and comment on it tonight hopefully, if not then Monday.


      @Kaleg - I did see that an extension was requested and I would love it as well. Sorry again.
    • MaulICE wrote:

      If people don't like it, I worry them like a SheepDog even more.
      this makes no since what so ever please exsplain

      DrkAngel wrote:

      At this point, this has already been discussed and this is all that you have to talk about? What about Hari's vote? What about Baka mentioning cult? Yes, I said it....I'm not scared to say it
      maybe i wasnt clear i was agreeing with what baka said.