[Intermediate+] The Island [Game]

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    Ikariam team

    • bamcbix wrote:

      Voting with no reason doesn't make me any more comfortable voting with you. Sure, as far as we know they're both scum but that's not good enough to just assume we can vote with no reason.

      I'm going to go ahead and vote HaNs mostly because I fully trust drk to be town and if what I read is right, Sharpe may or may not be town due to a role I cannot think of a name for. Secondly, with the above reason as a distinct possibility now, Sharpes refusal to vote with drk suggests that drk chose his partner. It'll take more effort to switch her vote with her schedule and I also have to assume my thoughts for the first two night phase being blanks has to be accurate. This on top of Sharpes reason last day phase for suspecting Hari was he thought Hari was acting very scummy the previous day phase, but he never pointed out where nor did he ever hint towards not liking something Hari had said that day phase. Finally, when we had our first hint towards a mafia team, HaNs focussed more on the confusion as though he was just trying to avoid the day itself but not actually try to get information from anyone. Yes, we know FA could have been trying to trick us but that only was valid in select circumstances. It was much more logical to accept any of the other possibilities.

      I'll personally hammer Hans if I have to, I'd just be wary against being led by drk. Everyone always thinks she's innocent and it seems more frequently then anyone else she isn't, she's a difficult cookie to read.
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    • Well, it'll be fun when I'm dead and another townie dies over night. After that it's probably game over. :X
      Drk is playing greatly, but last game I saw her playing like this she was a mobster and won with the same strategy, so be careful. I may be wrong, of course, but I guess her and hari and scum. Hari has been too calm this game with not too much pressure on him, giving him a chance to plant seeds of doubts around. So, as my (probably) last action, I'll vote hari.
    • 0.o have you not read the game thread? Obviously Hari will vote HaNs and I firmly believe HaNs is more likely scum with the possibility of either Hari or Sharpe than any other combination. I've no plan to change my vote and apparently the logic is passing psycho by with his previous statement. Sharpe didn't want to name any reasons as to why Hari is more likely scum than Hans nor why he's apparently suspected Hari for 3 days... Obvious town loss.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Drk, you were insane N1 and 2 yes?

      FA claimed she was cop D2 and you think you were sane N3 or no? We can only assume N3 FA was insane... Wait no. That doesn't explain psycho on D2 I'm so confused about this all.

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      Love is like air, without it... I die.

      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • He has been saying that I'm scum for two days too. Pretty sure I asked him about it and it got ignored, as usual.

      Might as well come out....I don't think town is going to win and I probably won't make it through the night since I made it pretty clear that I'm town.

      I investigated Baka N1 and got a guilty. He obviously wasn't as we found out. I tracked FA on N2 and my result said that I wasn't visited that night. I am still confused on that. This is why I believed her to be the cop. I thought maybe the cop wasn't able to be tracked by some modifier or something. I still don't know. I'm still learning what all roles there are and they can do. Here is where I'm gonna hang myself, but I didn't realize this til after....N3 I killed Baka because of my read on him N1. This is why I say sanity is something we need to look at, especially after FA's results were wrong as well. That was just the first thing that popped in my mind. I realize now that there might be other ways to explain it all, but I am still somewhat of a noob here.
    • How the hell has there not been a lot of pressure on me? I have been getting pushed since pretty much day #2. While yes I have been too inactive this game I think the simple fact that I have been getting prodded non stop should be enough to point out that I just haven't invested a lot of time in this game(which sucks since I am not taking this commitment seriously), but its not that I am sliding. With that being said I will try to take this commitment more seriously and get on and post more. This should be the last time kaleg has to prod me.

      Now as for the wagon forming on me and pushing me to L-1 in like 12 hours(within the first 24 hours of the day phase), there has to be 2 scum on there. Considering drk said early on today she is okay with either a me or hans lynch this wagon has formed way too fast. I am thinking that it is Sharp and Hans. I got a decent town vibe from Maul before psycho replaced him and since psycho has subbed in for him I haven't gotten an anti town vibe from him, though he is being lazy and not posting much and his vote putting me at L-1 is fishy.

      So far in this game not much has changed I still think Drk is pro town and have so since day 1. I am willing to accept Drks logic for bam being innocent, and being skeptical of sharp. I would much rather have a Sharp lynch than a hans one since he has seemed more scummy so far. His instance to bring up his innocent according to FA(who has been proven to be wrong, a fact he always ignores), and his refusal to answer pretty much anything asked of him doesn't help. And I still have a pretty decent pro town vibe from psycho/maul(exclududing the l-1 vote) which would mean that Sharp and Hans are the scum, I am okay with a lynch on either, though for the stated reasons I am more inclined on a sharp vote.

      and here just some random thoughts So far I think we have had 2 different factions committing night kills since the first one was with a gun and the second one was with fire, though if we have an arsonist why was there only 1 person set on fire, why would he reveal himself like that, maybe he has just been unlucky and everyone else that was primed has died and they wanted to sow confusion. I can't quite make sense of it. This game is messing with my sanity. However I don't think we have a cult anymore since it has now been 2 nights where they could have recruited if we accept the alternate night model and hence they would have won. Now if we have an arsonist why would he draw attention to himself, he obviously doesn't have enough people primed yet to win so it makes no sense. I do find it odd though that the person pushing the arsonist theory was set a fire. I will try to get on later tonight and post some more after hopefully all my questions are answered and I have some fresh ideas and insights.

      @Drk FA had a point last day phase you didn't mention the sanity angle much, I think i now get why. but even with the info she gave us and the info you are giving us I still can't make much more sense of it than you have. Also considering that we have only had 2 night kills and according to the stories they where carried out in different ways I wouldn't be so sure that we will have a 3rd tonight.
      @Sharp,Hans,Psycho care to explain your reason for voting for me? I doubt I will get a real reply to this but worth a shot.
      @hans why do you think there will be another NK? Of the 4 nights we have had there have only been 2 NKs. You seemed pretty sure that there will be on which is odd.
      @Sharp care to answer my question from yesterday?
      @Hans,Pyscho Why is drk scum? Are you not at all concerned that Bam or Sharp could be scum and FA just an insane cop? You both jumped on that wagon quickly that he started without giving any decent reasons to vote.
      @everyone if anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask, I haven't seen anything that I haven't answered
    • Sharpe12 wrote:

      So let me get this right? You're suspicious of everyone who voted for you?
      I think a wagon analysis is a pretty standard thing, it is what I did there, and if you bother to read the post properly you would see that I conditionally cleared psycho based on Mauls play.

      How about you actually answer the questions instead of just always countering with accusations and avoiding answering them, it doesn't help your image.
    • look I know I have been a crappy player with my activity but atleast I am trying now, could you please maybe do the same.

      Just to refresh your memory why did you so quickly jump on the psycho bandwagon? Your last explanation was pure BS, and should have already deserved a vote the only reason I didn't was because of FAs results, but my patience is running out.

      Sharpe12 wrote:

      Due to the fact that FA got me right, I'm going to assume that she got bam right, and it was just something to do with Tiger.
      This was your answer last time. FA hadn't investigate you yet at that point so that explanation is not valid.