[Intermediate+] The Island [Game]

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    Ikariam team

    • Votecount
      Hari: Sharpe, Hans, Psycho
      Sharpe: Bam, Drk
      4 votes for a lynch

      24 hours left in Day 5 (I realize I made an error in my previous post by saying 21 instead of 25)

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
    • sorry for this rather long post, it is past midnight here so I hope this post still makes some sense.

      Sharpe12 wrote:

      Hari changes subject to the psycho 1 lynch reasoning, despite it being blatantly obvious why you'd vote for it.

      Changing the subject, that is a bit of a stretch, I have been asking about it for a while and never got an answer, and then when I got an answer it made no sense at all, so I asked for clarification. Also I think it is "blatantly obvious" that you don't just believe someone when they role claim and follow them blindly but question them a bit and see if the other guy counter claims before you jump on the wagon, especially if we are in a game where there are no deaths 2 nights in a row.

      Sharpe12 wrote:

      He stays quiet quite well, keeping out of the way, until he needs to defend himself from alynch after which he is everywhere.

      Did this ever happen except today? I don't think I was ever close to a lynch except today. And to be honest I would have missed it this time if kaleg hadn't prodded me. Please do show examples. I have been accused before but I don't think I have ever been close to a lycnh before.

      Sharpe12 wrote:

      Post 239 he says he is very confident that FA was a cop, yet still doesn't vote for Psycho, perhaps trying to distance himself from the future lynch that he knows will be town.

      Infact, if you look very carefully, he hasn't voted at all in the last three days, despite his postulating he hasn't voted, he hasn't pushed for anyone to be lynched.

      I didn't vote for psycho for the simple reason I knew I would be online when the deadline happened and all that was needed was a hammer vote by that time. I don't have a night action that means unlike other players I don't learn anything during the night. I don't think that should come to anyones surprise considering how I have tried to understand the set up. Hence I don't like to end a day phase that early if there still could be clues gathered. Considering how inactive I have been in this game this of course this policy of mine, didn't pay off, do you maybe think me being inactive has anything to do with me not voting for anyone recently. Currently I want to vote for you but I don't want to put you at L-1 just like that when we still have time left so no one can hammer and finish the day early. Unlike the prevailing play style here it seems, i like to give people a chance to defend themselves before I vote for them.

      Sharpe12 wrote:

      Infact, he only voted the first two days (this being day 5) for Hans, the first was for spam and the second had no sound reasoning.

      How the hell is there no sound reasoning for my second day vote, I literally explained it right below my vote.

      Here it is:

      "I don't think voting for someone who may get replaced is the best idea. Losing a townie who may get replaced is stupid. Your whole indifference to lynching a townie has me quite worried. It just confirms the scum vibe I have been getting from you, but this pushed it over. While yes an inactive player who gets replaced is an annoyance, it is still better than a dead townie and just trying to lynch someone "regardless if he's town on scum" is just stupid."

      So please either explain to me why lynching an townie who is getting replaced is good or why me putting pressure on hans to stop that stupid push was a bad idea.

      Sharpe12 wrote:

      I am suggesting that he hasn't voted in the last three days, because he doesn't wish to create enemies, he doesn't wish to be linked to another player and he doesn't want to have the spotlight on him.

      Yes, ofc it has nothing to do with me being pretty much inactive all game and barley posting anything.

      To be honest this whole post seemed to serve as a way to fabricate any excuse to vote for me(in the truest ex post facto style) after more people started pushing you to actually back up your :poop:

      @Psycho how about you answer the questions I asked you in my first post today instead of not contributing at all?

      @Hans we are agreed there, that we need a lynch today. I agree that we can't discount the possibility of a night kill but you stated it with almost certainty. "Well, it'll be fun when I'm dead and another townie dies over night. After that it's probably game over. :X" why would the game be over then. So far we have had one person suffering from an arsonists death(or i assume so from the story) and another killed by a 1 shot vig. To me the fact that only FA was set a flame and the second night after she role claimed seems to indicate that the arsonist hasn't primed anyone still alive till that point, unless kaleg is using some odd versions of the roles. What is indicating to you that we have a scum faction that would make us lose tomorrow?

      @Sharp your reason for getting a town vibe from hans is that he hasn't voted for you?!?! How the hell is that a reason. Please back that up with some actual evidence, you had enough time to twist all I have done in this game(or not done rather) to fit your narrative don't be lazy now. (Also a non game related side note I always keep a running notepad file with all my notes of games running. This game has been pretty dead so it still manageable without notes but more active games where you have 20 plus pages of posts per day phase, and normally not short posts but long ass ones, you will lose perspective without it, I always write down the post number next to each entry in there so i can see what inspired that entry if i need to later, I split it up the notes so that each player has a section and then a general game section where I just keep track of the broad overview, just as a tip as to how i do it)
    • Answer the mans question Hari.
      Poor guys been waiting like 2 weeks and still no answer, somebody has been a pot calling the kettle black with the whole not answering question thing.
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    • ... no, the D3 supposed reason (which you based your D4 vote on) for thinking Hari was anti. More or less specifically because your wording assumes you had a reason previously during D3 and not due to results D3.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • @hari I didn't mean we'll definitely lose tomorrow, but it would place us in a very crappy situation. I said game over because, well, if 2 townies die today, only 4 people remain and it's close to impossible to win after that. But then again, we're still not 100% sure what the hell is going on. This game could end either way, but it was just my grim observation that possibility of losing 2 townies might cost us the game.
      So both hari and sharpe are at -1 for lynch. Now it's just a question of who's more sure in their vote..
    • Votecount
      Hari: Sharpe, Hans,
      Sharpe: Bam, Drk, Hari
      4 votes for a lynch

      2 hours 14 minutes left in Day 5

      As a note, I will be offline for the end of this day phase. While I will not be online to end the day, I will not accept votes after the official end of the day phase, though you may continue other discussions.

      2:36 local time (personal note)

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.