About the ban of my server

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  • About the ban of my server

    First , I want to introduce myself: Im AliceTran top 1 server Boreas. I dont know why thuyhangle got banned, but when he sent a message to GO , or SGO to ask why. He got a message back from SGO:

    Mea Rate this answer {snip}

    It simple to be not fair to me. If we got ban , we would need a reason why after you banned someone and they asked. If you think you are SGO , so you dont care about any player. Then, it's okay. It is just a game for us to play. We can quit anytime. U can ban all of the player and close out the game too. We are happy for it, becAuse by that action , you will lose ur job too. We just need a reason and an answer from GO. :rocketlauncher:

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  • That's unfortunately, too bad. All staff members sign a confidentiality agreement and we simply will not violate that agreement, because it would be a violation of German law. Your friend is welcome to discuss his case, himself, via ticket, but ban discussion by him or by anyone else isn't allowed on the boards per the board rules. I understand the feeling that punishment isn't fair, but you also do not have enough information to decide it was unfair and that the teamler as a result doesn't care about players. This is a volunteer job; we don't get paid for it. None of us would be here if we didn't care about the players. I will be closing this thread as it clearly violates the board's rules. If your friend feels his ban is unjust he is welcome to hit the "complain" button via ticket system to appeal to the next level up, but keep in mind the admin's word is final.

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