Dark Night of the Soul

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    Ikariam team

    • Dark Night of the Soul

      They almost got me.

      It's been a rough couple weeks in HELL. Some friends of mine left the alliance to do other things. I was unexpectedly punished and sent into happy fun time twice. HFX is stalking me across multiple servers. They've been launching deeply personal attacks on my friends and on me on the boards and in the game without any real help from above. We've been fighting against ridiculous odds since October, and HFX scumbags just keep grinding away with the insults and the fake accounts and the dirty tricks, and it almost got to be too much for me. They drag you down to their level with the constant abuse. I thought I could beat them at their own game, but I can't. All it does is make me feel dirty.

      I was getting desperate. I sent AJB a message begging for help, even though I knew the answer would be no. I asked other people too, just like Hunter always said I would. I thought about giving up. I thought about giving my accounts away, or deleting my accounts and quitting the game, I even thought about giving all my accounts to HUNTER just to teach the rest of you a lesson. For me this war has never been just about my personal revenge on Hunter and Tiger, it was supposed to be my apology to Beta for all the things I did to help those scumbags in the first place. I thought winning this war would be my redemption. But I was wrong. I don't owe Beta anything. I've already been redeemed. Not through warfare and vengeance, but through my friends. It's for them that I keep playing this game. Win or lose.

      A wise woman recently told me that we'll never really get rid of Hunter and Tiger because they have too much invested in this game, too much time and money and ego. She's right. We'll never get rid of them. And you know what? That's fine. I'm done with the anger and the hatred because that's what they want. That's the only way they can win is to drag everyone down to their level. To get under your skin. I can't beat them at their game, but I can beat them at mine. And Ikariam is mine.

      To all you scumbags in HFX: Don't think this war is over. This war has only just begun.

      P.S. Hunter, "Cute Lady," Seabass, Sobber, etc - I'm blocking you on the boards. Should have done it months ago. Go f*** yourselves.