Setting Precise Timing on Trade Routes

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    Ikariam team

    • Setting Precise Timing on Trade Routes

      Should we add this to the game? 6
        5 - I love this idea (5) 83%
        4 - I really like this idea (1) 17%
        3 - I like this idea (0) 0%
        2 - I dislike this idea (0) 0%
        1 - I really dislike this idea (0) 0%
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      I kinda skimmed through, maybe i missed the thread; but i was using my 'Trade Route' and thought how nice it would be if we could preset our own timing, instead of having only a drop down menu 'by hour'. I used to play another game sorta like Ikariam (Ikariam being the better of course), i can't for the life of me remember the name of it, but it allowed such a feature to move resources and worked quite well.

      I guess it doesn't even really have to be where we can type in our own times. But maybe include the 'half hour' into the drop menu, and even that would make a world of difference. I'm active and my ships are constantly en route, such a feature would be a blessing. Maybe there is something i'm unaware of that would have a negative effect on the game, but i guess that's why i'm here. To find out. Cheers.

    • It would be awesome. We'd be able to send out our ships, then type in precise times for the trade route to begin within' seconds of their return. Oh and i remember the other game now, it was called 'Evony', i played it for around 2 years, but then found Ikariam which i liked better. But on Evony, you could time everything within' seconds, including being able to type in the exact times to begin an attack or pillage.

      I cannot see how anyone could not like this idea, because it would improve the game drastically and make for a better experience. Cheers fellow Ika's.