Mafia - Lynch the Snitch a game brought to you by Sharpe12 Productions.

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    Ikariam team

    • I think I'm gonna trust bam on this one


      Even if we get it wrong, it's not yet over for the town. If we were to get the wrong lynch, we'll still go into night phase, and if I protect the mafia's target, the kill will fail and we'll still go for another day with 3 remaining players. I'm just not sure how to explain why there was no kill this night. Probably the mafia didn't kill anyone or maybe we have another PR who saved someone, possibly a roleblocker?
    • @Jasper:

      I went back to check, and it appears Sharpe had edited the post AFTER I had read it and already posted at the start of the day.

      As for you proposition, you know as well as I that a mislynch today = game over. YOU cannot protect yourself so you're the next kill for Mafia once we're down to 3.

      Also "another PR that can make the save" is a bad proposition. You do NOT put a Town Doctor AND a Town JK/RB in the same game, and especially so when it's a 7 player BEGINNERS. It would not have passed the check.


      What the hell is an "equivalent" of a Cop? There are only very few roles that CAN be used in this game, and there are no Cop variants. I can't believe you messed up so bad in the last turn where you only needed one mislynch. Your claim makes it abundantly clear to me that YOU are the Mafia, and I was stupid to TR all game.

      vote: bam


      I won't try to affect your vote, and I certainly won't blame you if you hammer. Let's just end the game, shall we?

      @Jasper (again):

      You accuse me of skimming while you fail to comply to a simple request place don the very first line if my first post of the day: WHO DID YOU PROTECT LAST NIGHT??
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

    • Monster wrote:

      So I'm just gonna come out and ask, did you get guilty read on Baka because you are a cop?
      the question I was answering was did I get a "guilty" read, actually. The cop part.. well, again, I'm not even sure how to answer that... Lemme look aty role PM and see if it says that specifically

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Jasper wrote:

      BTW, I wasn't able to target someone last night. I was busy all day with my work and wasn't able to get a night action in. I was expecting I'll get killed anyway.
      @bakakadassa what the hell are you talking about? This is a terrible ploy for you to attempt to make if you're attempting to make confusion und chaos

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • the day ended for the first time in this long and harduous ordeal with a hanging. Jasper, monster and Bam bam, all gathered round the unsuspecting Baka, bam bam grabbed him and held his arms behind his back, jasper punched him to the ground and they all kicked him until he was blue. Then as he was bleeding out on the floor, monster tied a noose around his neck and hung him from the chandelier. Jasper then grabbed a knife and as Baka was being strangled by the rope, carved into his chest, snitch’s get stitches.
      They threw his body out the window and into the compound, the godfather saw this and was satisfied the snitch was dead and that the pigs were blind to his operations.

      Player List
      3.Frozen Angel VT
      6.Turkeh VT
      7.Bam Bam

      TOWN WINS.

      A few things I have to say about this game, firstly I seem to have confused things a lot with the flavour of the game and perhaps in future it’s best not to make the mafia the town, it makes the terminology quite difficult. Also, I’d like to congratulate Baka for killing his partner on the first night despite the obvious hints that kaleg was dropping too you. I’m also seeing a pattern in a lot of games recently that people are the hesitant to lynch people these days.

      Ok, the roles.
      1) Baka, he was anti town, he had a night killing roll, where each successful kill r3duced his chances of a kill on subsequent nights by 20% [with the intention that he might save his kills for later and use some strategy] He has no idea kaleg was his partner.
      His actions were, kill kaleg 100%, kill turkeh 80%, kill FA 50% (as I’ll explain later), then no action last night.
      2) kaleg was also anti town, he had no special abilities, but knew who baka was. His job was to help protect Baka during the day.
      3) bam bam, he was essentially the cop, his replies were delayed until the next night. His actions were, turkeh, jasper, baka, himself.
      4)jasper was the doctor, he saved baka, baka, Bam Bam, and then himself.
      5) FA was vanilla but had 10% knocked off her chances of being killed in a night action,
      6 & 7) turkeh and monster we’re just vanilla.

      now Bon voyage I’m going to duck out and escape before bam bam wants to talk about the game, congrats to the town, which are the mafia.
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    • Haha, poor Kaleg. Killed by his own partner.

      That's weird, why didn't Bam go after Baka the next day following the night he investigated him? instead he voted me. Also, why investigate himself?

      Gotta say the first three days where really difficult to deal with, especially for a townie with no power. My only useful tool was the lynch and we failed to use that over and over again, which made finding the scum a very daunting task.

      I am glad my initial hunch about Baka was right, too bad I failed to see it through. then again, after I found out I was wrong about Turkeh, I did get a bit discouraged about my suspect list.

      Also, well played by FA, She played like a real townie this game and made my read on her much easier.

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    • Congrats to Town. It was my own dumbness + Turkeh & FA's play that brought me down.

      I was after the Cop from the start. I told Sharpe it was either Kaleg or bam before I submitted the N1 kill. Unfortunately the flavour did in fact confuse me and when I saw Kaleg was a "Cop" I dropped bam from my kills and went after those who dropped hints they "knew something", so that's how Turkeh & FA won you the game.

      @Kaleg Nar: I'm so sorry I messed it up. I never thought you would actually tell me you were my partner if you really were. I mean, that's not how "the Kaleg I know" would act. Still, you played it well and I should have considered you might have changed your playstyle to fit the Traitor role. The problem is I had no idea I had a partner to begin with, so I wasn't even looking for one.

      In short; I take full responsibility for the loss. Everyone else played well enough to have deserved a win, even my partner whom I murdered myself! *Sigh*
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.