Mafia - Lynch the Snitch a game brought to you by Sharpe12 Productions.

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    Ikariam team

    • Mafia - Lynch the Snitch a game brought to you by Sharpe12 Productions.

      It's a rainy day in the suburbs of New York, as usual Don Giancarlo and his consiglieri Alberto are traveling into the city to meet with the union bosses. As they close in towards a toll booth in their convoy, they notice something is off, usually the gates are opened for them, as the toll boys are under the thumb.
      They cautiously approach, when all of a sudden they see flashing blue lights in undercover cars behind them and police emerge from the toll booth. They are surrounded, and ready to surrender, when a trigger happy and nervous rookie cop pulls the trigger and shoots Don Giancarlo. A brutal shootout ensues in which many men die. In the shattered and bloody remains of of glass and bodies, the only mob survivor is Alberto, as he is bloody on the floor he hears, two of the cops saying that they had a good tip off, then he fell unconscious.
      He wakes up in hospital, police guards at his door, and young Vito by his bed. Young Vito looks forlorn, as a man who had lost his father and inherited and empire would be. Alberto informs Vito of what he heard, and told him the Snitch must be flushed out. Vito agrees, and leaves Alberto alone in his hospital bed.
      Vito returns to the compound in a furious mood, he gathers all of those who knew the whereabouts of his father at the time of his death, and had them locked down into one of the houses. He says, "the only way you'll ever get out of this house is in pine box or once you've found out the Snitch"

      Player List
      1.Kaleg Nar
      3.Frozen Angel
      7.Bam Bam

      Game Rules

      1: Day Phases will last 72 hours, Night Phases will last 24 hours
      1a: I will accept night actions early if you will be away or if you want to get the next day phase happening quicker. If you send in a night action while it’s still daytime, you may condition your night action. (Example: Use my Night Action on John if Kellie is lynched and flips town. Use my Night Action on Bob if Kellie is lynched and flips mafia.)

      2: Votes should be bolded and on a separate line. This is so that I see them. Unvotes should also be made prior to voting another person.
      Vote: Zullu
      Unvote: Zullu

      3: You may not PM other players unless your role specifies you may do so.
      3a: Any moderator-allowed PMs must go through the moderator.

      4: No edits are allowed. If you find there’s something in your post you need to modify, make a new post with the corrections, but leave the original intact.

      5: Role Claiming: Role claiming is much discouraged, however if you feel you must, please follow the following guidelines. You may NOT post your role PM or moderator PMs. You may claim your role. You may explain your role. You may share what you’ve learned from your role, but you may NOT post any messages from the moderator. (If you want to post a fabricated PM from the moderator, feel free to do so, but everyone will know it’s fake so I don’t recommend that.)

      6: Lynches will be enacted when a person has a number of votes equivalent to (½ town + 1) placed upon them.
      6a: Lynches will only be enacted after 24 hours have passed in a day phase.
      6b: Twilight is in effect. Once a player has sufficient votes to be lynched and 24 hours have passed in a day phase, the player is lynched and no unvotes or other votes will count after that point. Once a person is lynched, they may not post anymore, though other people may.

      7: Only living players may post during the day. Only the dead may post at night, but they may only post spam. (And I expect of lot of it.)

      8: Inactivity: After 24 hours of no posting, you will be prodded. After 48 hours you will be replaced.

      9: Don't use my mod colour. This is to make it easier for players to find vote counts and moderator stories.

      10: Extensions may be requested, but I reserve the right to deny them.

      11. Have fun.
      BaM - Definition, bad at Mafia
      Sharpe12 - Definition, (Supremely handsome also refined, pulchritudinous & excellent) x12
    • First off.
      You didn't cite your source when copying the rules I used. I demand recognition! :evil:

      Side question: It's been a while since I've seen The Godfather. Sharpe's story isn't how it opened, correct? It just draws some inspirations.


      Two questions.
      1: Was your vote serious?
      2: Do you believe LM's vote was serious?

      Judging from the Cowboy Bebop game I'm expecting you to answer both as yes but I'm checking.

      And as a small, but probably necessary aside, my vote is spam and the spam reason for voting you is:…radition-from-fiddler.jpg

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.