Wonder too expensive

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  • Wonder too expensive


    Your WONDERS are:
    1.too expensive to keep
    2. do not provide enough benefits for the spent gold (too many priests for that conversion rate )

    In the moment that 80% of the cities in an island have temples the cost equals the benefits otherwise this game is a common war game like any other .
    When the people decide to spend that hard made gold on temples with a proportion up to 80% of the towns on any island you can say that wonders are good for something, until then are just for decor.

    This is pure marketing.
  • I won't argue with your feeling that they are too expensive (I disagree, I think the benefit far outweighs the cost in the long run for some wonders), but will ask which wonders you actually USE, and how you feel their benefit is less than their cost? Secondly have you tried using the theocracy form of government to decrease the priest cost?

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