Wonder leeching bug

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Ikariam team

  • Wonder leeching bug


    Everyone who has a Wonder should have at least 0.1% conversion and 0.1% island share because he has a Wonder. We can see 5 people using the Wonder but there is other one using it and we don`t know who because all the players have at least 105% conversion and other player has 140% and the wonder is still at 81%. For me makes sense 100/6=16 + other excess. It was same yesterday.

    Island is on Boreas 53:54

  • When the faith is below 100%, and all players showing with 100% or more conversation (or 0%) it is because one of those at 0% has a temple without priests. This is not a bug, and if you want to submit a suggestion that having a temple in itself should generate 0.1% you can of course submit that.

    Found a bug? Message me or open a ticket