Combat Mechanic that can fix machines on the battlefield

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    Ikariam team

    • Combat Mechanic that can fix machines on the battlefield

      The problem:

      Units classified as machines cannot be repaired during battle. This means (because of shared health) that any machine unit will start suffering more and more losses as battle goes on. Best examples are balloons and steam giants, whose losses increase dramatically after the first round. The only solution now is to wave them, which in my opinion is not a good mechanic.

      The solution:

      Introduce a new unit, the combat mechanic. This unit is like the doctor or the tender, who are able to heal HP after each round. One mechanic would be able to, for example, heal 50hp each round, for 5 rounds (like tenders who also have a certain amount of 'ammo').

      This makes it so that you don't have to wave balloons and steam giants in order for them to be effective when you have a sufficient number of combat mechanics.

      I think it would be a logical implementation. If the citizens of your city can build machines and repair them (on sea), why not on land?

      Let me know what you think.

      Best regards!
    • Unfortunately this falls under the following dead end ideas:

      If it's gone, it's gone

      When something is removed from the game, or when something is added to the game, careful thought has gone into the decision. The developers aren't likely to reverse their decisions without a very good reason. Saying "this will change the game" isn't a good reason, since the change was presumably made with just that in mind

      This includes any form of gold pillaging (as the possibilities have been exhausted, GameForge are well aware of the desire to pillage gold) and requesting servers be made with an old version/old combat system. You can feel free to post your Feedback on the Feedback Boardinstead of Suggestions.

      Believe it or not doctors at one time did heal Steam Giants for half as much HP as living units, but it was removed as the outcome was too overpowered.

      Nothing that saves you hard, ingame work
      That's right - you're supposed to make some efforts to play Ikariam. Basically, things are the way they are to make you work to get them. If you suggest an easier method to achieve some effect already present in the game, you remove the need for it; thus potentially taking away some of the advantage that better players (who have worked hard for their account) have.
      • Things that allow you to learn off of other player's researches
        Researches are one of the things that stay with you throughout the game. You're supposed to work hard to get them, learning off of other players would make things too easy.
      • Permanently giving away units to another player
        This allows one player to supply another player with units that the player may or may not be able to produce on their own. A player should have to work hard on his own to build up an army or navy, not just have it given to them by an alliance mate or buddy.
      Not really liking waving isn't a good reason to add a healing unit. If you'd rather suggest an alternate battle mechanic in place of waving we'd like to hear that, but as your suggestion stands now it's not passable.

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