Super Saint 3

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    Ikariam team

    • Thanks to @Kaleg Nar for beings such a good sport about the mod kill :P

      Sort of my play by play of the game

      post 5 nice VT startegy though, it may come off as mafia
      First prod, maybe I should have made the day phase longer, if there are 2 prod I will grant extension requests
      baka strong game, like his posts
      have to poke drk
      drk needs to enage more
      baka votes for bam, drk is screwed, she can't hammer since baka claimed VT, only choice at this point is to cross vote and also claim VT
      nice baka bam convo
      and drk misses it, no lynch - mafia win
      and drk goies missing again
      extensions requested granted and bam hammers town win.

      I think @DrkAngel really screwed up when she didn't cross vote @bakakadassawhen he voted for her, it was really her only move at that point, to me it seems like her strategy was too just lurk a bit to win, while it isn't a horrible strategy I think it goes against the idea of the set up and is a tad bit lazy. I liked baka's engagement and out right claim to VT is a decent move though again, a move any goon would make, but since no one counter claimed him it sort of confirmed itself, as a goon I may have counter claimed or attacked baka to try and get the other guy to vote with me. @bamcbix last min hammer strategy was nice(though timing was a bit off). I do feel bad for Drk though that I granted an extension and robbed her the win, but like i mentioned after the first prod for bam I had decided that if I have 2 prod I will grant an extension, which I think is fair though if anyone disagrees on this point I would like to know it. Over all it was a fun but short game to mod and I thank you all for playing it. If you have any feedback and/or critiques and/or complaints on my modding please feel free to also point them out, it has been a long time since I have moded a game.