Super Saint 3

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    Ikariam team

    • Super Saint 3

      Welcome to Super Saint 3


      This game is specifically 1 Goon, 1 Vanilla Townie, and 1 Super Saint. For more see here . The roles have been assigned randomly and the PMs will go out shortly after this post.

      Game Stats:

      Current Count Down:

      Vote Counts:
      Votecount 3.01
      Votecount 3.02
      Votecount 3.03
      Votecount 3.04


      In-Game Behavior:
      1. Posts consisting purely of insults without game content are not tolerated. I penalize such posts with a strike. Three strikes and you're out. Severe issues will may lead to you getting black listed from future games.

      2. Claiming scum is allowed. Claiming scum with another player (whether as a joke or not) will result in highly unpleasant consequences regardless of alignment.

      3. Loophole abuse is not tolerated.

      4. Have fun!

      Voting and Deadlines:

      1. Voting must be bolded and in the form Vote: Vote: <Player_Name>. Please don't forget the ":" since this will make it easier for me to do votecounts. Unvotes are not required to change your vote, but they are helpful.

      2. I don't mind if you use nicknames/abbreviations when you vote someone. But if I have no idea who you're voting for, then the vote won't be counted. Please note: Do not use trick votes. (Because they won't be tricks when I count them and the joke is on you!).

      3. Lynches require a majority of votes: (number of living players/2) +1, rounded down.

      4. If there's no majority at deadline, there's no lynch.

      5. When the hammer vote is cast, all players, including the lynched may talk freely until the final vote count and lynched player's card-flip have been posted. I will lock the game thread at that time.

      6. When you are hammered, on the following day, you may make a "bah" post with no game-relevant information. Nothing more.

      7. Deadlines are set at 4 days and extensions will only be given in extreme circumstances.

      8. Night deadlines are set at 48 hours.

      9. I reserve the right to add a few hours here and there to make deadlines fall during a time when I should be online. Night deadlines will be arranged so that an entire night phase does not fall on a weekend.

      Prods and Replacements:

      1. Prods will be given if you do not post in 36 hours.

      2. You will be replaced if you either do not respond to a prod by making a substantive post within 24 hours, or you need to be prodded 3 times total. You may request for a player to be prodded at any time, but the less you request, the happier your mod is. Prods requested when a player has been absent for less than 36 hours do not count for replacement purposes.

      3. If you're away please let me know in the game thread so that I wont prod you.


      1. Blue (#000080) is the color I will use for mod posts. Please don’t use this color or otherwise try to make your posts look like mod posts.

      2. You can talk about the game in the PM I sent to your faction, if your roles allow it. Otherwise, please refrain from talking about this game outside of this thread, and don't talk about other games inside of this game.

      3. No editing, deleting, using invisible texts, writing in code, etc...

      4. Don't quote mod-recieved PMs. Paraphrasing is permitted.

      5. I make mistakes. If you notice I make one, please let me know.

      6. Questions are vastly preferable to Modkills. If you're thinking about doing something that you're unsure is within the letter or spirit of these rules, then tell me about it first so I can let you know if it's ok or not.

      Sample Role PMs

      Mafia Goon

      You are a Mafia Goon
      Win Conditions:
      • You win if at least one member of your group is alive and all other players are dead (or if nothing can prevent the same).
      • You share a Private Message Thread with your fellow scum; [names].
      • You have a factional night-kill meaning that each night one of you may night-kill a player.

      Super Saint

      You are a Super Saint
      Win Conditions:
      • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.
      • You kill anybody that hammers your wagon during the day.

      Vanilla Townie

      You are a Vanilla Townie
      Win Conditions:
      • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.
      • You have no abilities, your strength is your vote and intellect.

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    • Role received too,

      @Bam: Vote Who??

      Theoretically speaking this game could end right now. I'd just vote either of you and the other will hammer. Either way Town wins :D

      But it's not as simple as that. Who says I am what I say I am? I could be bluffing, and thus we may end up lynching the VT. OR we may still end up lynching the SS and then they venge vif me instead.

      So, do you want to take your time discussing whatever or do you want to gamble it all in one move??
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

    • Well, we might as well discuss since the game is essentially mafia theory. The VT is a PT survivor, the SS is a Look Nexus and the goon is, in a normal game, a PT VT.

      I'll ask hypothetically, if both of you were to just vote somebody without making a post at all in this game, who would it be?

      I guess I should say I'd be surprised if it wasn't me

      Sig by June 8)
      Love is like air, without it... I die.

      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Votecount 3.01

      bakakadassa - (0) -
      DrkAngel - (0) -
      bamcbix - (0) -

      Not Voting - (3) - bamcbix, DrkAngel, bakakadassa

      With 3 Alive it takes 2 to lynch.

      The deadline is 10 PM CET. In approximate 4 days from now, see the count down timer below for a more accurate and up to date count.

      - Kaleg has been modkilled for not picking up his non existent role PM, he was a a loved townie.
      - The first post will also be update with the count down timer, as well as a link to all vote counts for your convenience.

    • bamcbix wrote:

      I'll ask hypothetically, if both of you were to just vote somebody without making a post at all in this game, who would it be?

      Top of my head...probably Baka. But then again, I usually kick myself in the ass for it later though. Honestly I could go either way. Normally, I try to keep the both of you around until I get a better read on you guys.

      bakakadassa wrote:

      You are more inclined to give it more thought before you make the decision.
      Are you saying that I don't give it much thought?
    • When have I ever voted for someone who voted for me? Yes, I will ask questions and defend myself, but I would never vote for them because they voted for me.

      Emotional.....yes, guilty as charged there. Try to control it, but sometimes I can’t.

      Yes, I am biased towards your play style, but I know that I am and I do try to keep an open mind when it comes to you. But I figured you would have caught that when I said that I end up kicking myself in the ass for it later.
    • I'd still rather it be on bam. If he is willing to vote Drk then if he is the SS he will venge kill her. We win. If he is the Goon then it goes w/o saying we win.

      Like: Who is the likely Goon here based on the short conversation so far? (@Both of you)
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

    • I have to agree with Bam....nothing but trouble comes from answering that question.

      I can see knowing who both helps, but doesn’t it really only help a certain player? The goon needs to know who the SS is to NK them, right? And the SS/town needs to know who the goon is to lynch them and win, right?

      I apologize now if this doesn’t make’s early and no coffee yet.
    • Here's why it doesn't make sense, Drk: For a NK to take place we need to NO LYNCH. If we NL it doesn't really matter to the Goon who they shoot. They'll just kill someone and win the game. The game is designed to end on D1.

      Obviously I DO think way out of the box. I'm stunned the SS didn't vote themselves right of the bat and waited to be hammered and then venge kill the player who hammered. Such a move could not come from the VT because they know if they get lynched the game is lost, and although could be a gambit by the Goon (now that I said it out loud) if they DO get hammered they lose. Only the SS can purposefully get themselves lynched and it would have been great if they did it off the bat catching the other two off guard to learn whom to venge kill.

      Also I have already claimed VT, and TWICE. Neither of you even bothered to challenge that claim, so both of you know ho is whom. Only I don't know which of you is the one on my bside, and that was the purpose my question (yes, it was tricky, but not it the sense bam made it look like).

      The problem is BOTH OF YOU returned shady answers at best. You both look like Scum to me right now. bam'd response looks like one of a Goon who was cornered and didn't know what to say. Drk's response hints she's willing to let the day end w/o a lynch. Now you tell me how I', supposed to TR either of you with those responses!!!!
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

    • OK, I looked at the sample PMs and it looks like I've been treating the SS as vengeful (i.e. THEY decide whom to kill rather than the hammerer dying automatically). This should make the tactic of self-voting void as neither the Goon nor the VT would want to hammer.

      Instead, I can cast a vote myself and if it's on the SS the Goon can't hammer. If it's on the Goon the SS should hammer instantly. Easy peasy.

      Vote: bam
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.