Pirate Game

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    • Pirate Game

      Should We Implement This Suggestion? 9
        5 - I love this idea (5) 56%
        4 - I really like this idea (1) 11%
        3 - I like this idea (1) 11%
        2 - I dislike this idea (0) 0%
        1 - I really dislike this idea (0) 0%
        0 - I hate this idea (2) 22%
      Hi I have a suggestion for the pirate game. I've read other suggestions for this that have been shot down because it's an "All or Nothing" game. Thing is, it's ALL for the higher scored player and NOTHING for those trying to grow. The game is skewed that way, I am sure years ago when the Pirate game was introduced, no one factored in the "floating" town option.
      Higher score players bounce all over the map, gathering up pirate points of lower ones. I know a lot of people over the years that have left Ikariam because of falling so far behind due to that.
      So here is my suggestion. When building a new town, make it have a 24-48 hour delay before you can build a Pirate Fortress there. A pirate fortress would be able to be built immediately on the town where your palace is located. Or you could make it so a Pirate Fortress can't be built unless there is Zero corruption in the new town.
      This game used to be so much fun and so much more leveled, where everyone worked to get where they are. Now the only ones benefitting are those with floater towns.
      I can understand all or nothing. But not all for the top 20 TS scorers and nothing for those below
    • I don't see any imbalance here.Everyone is able to accomplish a floater.What's the issue there? It isn't dependent on score.

      Yes, your size and number of towns will likely play role in how large your reward is, but it is up to you to grow your towns and warehouses.That is not a question of game balance, but player progression.
    • You arent requiered to have more than X ammount of points to have a floater city or a mobile as i call it .

      I know many piracy players who had a mobile city before they had a city of each resource .
      Piracy has a big strategy gap between the top players and the not so commited ones.

      IT is not imbalanced tho , most people expect to have an easy way in to the top 10. Wich isnt possible :P
      -S- General

      Be savage , Not Average :beer: :beer: :beer: