Piracy Rules Discussion

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    • Piracy Rules Discussion

      Hello all,

      I'd like to start off by stating the purpose of this thread is due to my concerns with Piracy, and the allowance of multi accounts (IP Sharing) but no clarification beyond stating that 'direct interaction' is not allowed. My primary goal here is to understand what is and isn't allowed here, and the extent in-which these rule can and actually are enforced.

      On my server I've noticed players within my alliance who maintain several accounts on their islands or nearly by for two primary purposes. Pirate point farming, and donating to island resources. To me I would see using multiple accounts as direct interaction when farming them for piracy points. I'm seeing it happen on such an extreme level there is no competitiveness on the server and seemingly nothing happening to the people doing said farming, one member in my alliance has about 5 or 6 islands full of accounts. I've seen no in-game punishments for this behavior that has been on going for at least a month. I'm in this this alliance so I haven't been impacted however anyone who is not simply cannot compete on any level without also doing what in my mind would be against game rules. Due to this I will be leaving the alliance as I cannot be apart of something I do not support, I feel this is important to mention.

      I'm aware that it can be hard to prove these things with IP tracking, however they have sent in-game inter-alliance messages about alliance members raiding other members farms and removed them from the alliance for such actions and have gone on to group pillage and blockade them for these actions. After these events occurring it has become very obvious what is going on here, and it is obvious this alliance leadership is not only alright with this behavior but is encouraging and taking part in it.

      I'd love for feedback and discussion around this, maybe I am mistaken after all but it just doesn't seem right or fair for other players on the server.


    • Having more than 1 account on the same server - creating multi accounts - is allowed, BUT all accounts must be connected to each other using IP Share. Once the IP Share done, interactions/fleet contact amongst those accounts is not possible anymore, including piracy raid.

      When you see/heard anything suspicious, you can report accounts via in-game tools by pressing report button, or you can also send a ticket describing what you know about those suspicious accounts. You said that "it can be hard to prove these things" but still possible can be done.
    • I'll also point out that there's a bit more than direct interaction is banned explained and can be found here. As well as in other threads here in the Help and Questions forum.

      Keep in mind that the piracy game is a way for people to play collaboratively and not get in trouble for pushing. So on one hand having more friends to collaborate with does put you at an advantage; however bypassing the IP sharing rules isn't permitted.

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