Monthly Missions

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    Ikariam team

    • Monthly Missions

      Make quests or series of missions that will bring some rare rewards. it should be implemented once a month or whenever there is some important date like halloween or christmas. Quests should have certain amount of points, quest points and there should be rewards:

      1st prize - 50 ambrosia
      2nd prize - 7D premium account
      3rd prize - 1D premium account

      Also small rewards:

      - 10k crystal/marble/wine/sulfur (depanding on the mission)
      - 50 war ships (depanding on the mission you get certain type of ship)
      -50 land units (depanding on the mission)

      This was an example, but it would bring players back online, also it would be able to increase amount of players who joins here daily
    • Unfortunately this falls under the following dead end ideas:

      Anything that gives away a pay-to-use (P2P) option for free
      • Plus feature(s)
        Some users want to access the convenient features of Ikariam Plus, and pay real world money to do so. That is their choice. (That money goes towards the upkeep of the servers, so in essence they are paying for the bit of extra space taken up for them to have such features.) If you want to have those same features, you can buy them too.
      • Increased resource-gathering, Premium Trader
        Same as above. Extra resources and premium trades are not necessary to successfully play the game, but some players value these options and purchase Ambrosia to access them. (These players are not "cheaters" but are helping pay for upkeep of the servers, which YOU get to use for free.) Again, if you wish to have those bonus features, you can purchase Ambrosia.

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