Declaration of War XIII vs -IKS-

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    Ikariam team

    • Declaration of War XIII vs -IKS-

      :attack: Declaration of War XIII vs -IKS-


      We, the Legion [XIII], declares a war against the Ikariam KnightS [-IKS-] for the following reasons:
      1. We disgust the 3 Pirate Kings namely Nick Klauz, Smile, and ?( What UP. Especially the first two because they are the main reasons why the former number 1 alliance called SEAL was disband. :beer: :lol:
      2. We hate their alliance for accepting the first two players mentioned above.
      3. We won’t tolerate the bragging of their player, Loach, who posted a Combat Report, where he was an extra to begin with. :bravo: :busted:
      4. We are sickened by players like the one above, who takes the credit for themselves while gaining it from other people. We will teach you not to take credit from other people or from a group effort. Since, you like posting combat reports that disrespects your enemies and you want to be famous then let's see how many will you be able to post on your own.
      5. We will teach them to respect their own enemies and how to become humble before they become absolute douche-bags. :stick:
      6. We would like to challenge ourselves by taking down the currently ranked number 1 alliance in this server. :pump:

      :highscore: Terms and Conditions:
      1. The first alliance to inflict 3 million damage including loots will win the war.
      2. The alliance who will inflict the most damage after 3 weeks will be automatically declared as the winner.
      3. Combat reports with less than 3,000 damage will not be recorded and will be considered invalid.
      4. Combat reports generated from Jan 01 - Feb 01, 2018 are the only ones considered valid but;
      5. If they are not posted in the board 7 days after it was generated it will not be counted and will be considered as invalid.

      Let the games begin!

      Signed by:

      Legion [XIII]

      ***War will start at January 01, 2018 0:00:00 server time***
    • Geez fellas, I'm the one who posted it because I'm the diplomat and not many others visit the forum. It was a great fight with a ton of players involved, lots of fun. I'm sure this war will be a ton of fun too! Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to everyone.
    • Mr. Loach,

      Personally, I think you're a nice guy, but sadly the damage has already been done. :blackeye:

      Try putting yourself in our own shoes, do you want your name being posted in the boards with a label defeat. :dash:

      We would understand if you are posting it in an official combat reports thread but we don't see the essence of it being posted there. :thumbdown:

      We only see it as a complete trolling against us. If you guys really want to brag about it, then prove it by winning this official war against us and not by posting a single battle report. :lolbash:

      For the record, we really don't have a grudge against you guys. It's just that your recent actions and decisions were really bad and disgusting, especially after accepting Smile and Nick Klauz.

      Anyway, please tell your members that they can view the current war score via Google's Excel sheet with the link in the description below:


      Also, we would like to remind you that for a combat report to be valid it should have a minimum 3K damage either on the attacker or to the defender side.

      If the combat report does not meet that requirement even if the looted resources will be equivalent or more than 3K, it will still not be counted and will be consider invalid or void.

      Also, if the combat report is not posted 7 days after it was generated then it will not be counted and will be considered invalid or void.

      This is to re-emphasize what has been stated in the terms and conditions mentioned in the DOW above this thread.

      If you have complains/corrections regarding the tally of scores, please do leave a message at the chat box. Just click the message icon at the right upper corner of that page next to the blue share button. Or you can reply to this thread.

      At the end of each week, I will post the total damage points accumulated by both alliances.

      If an alliance first reach or inflicts a total of 2.5 million damage, then I will post the scores in this thread daily.

      As soon as the 3 million damage is reached or if the war reaches it's deadline which is on February 1, 2018 0:00:00, we will ask the board moderator to close the combat report thread immediately.

      The DOW thread will also be closed as soon as we announce the winner of the 1st World War in Charon.

      Thank you. :thumbup:

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