Hi everyone! I Am Sentence

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    Ikariam team

    • Hi everyone! I Am Sentence

      Hi everyone, in-game I Am Sentence, but in almost everything else Dead Pegasus, i started playing ikariam in 2009 with my step brother, he was an already experienced player member of a non existing alliance nowadays called Black Rose if i remember well, after we started higher demanding education courses and professional activities we both stopped playing, he is retired from the game till date, but i was constantly founding my way back to it in someway or another.

      About 1 year or 2 i created an account in the alpha server, played for few months, now here goes a story:

      I'm a former ex-member of Lex Gabinia, as the time passed by i don't remember anymore the name of the player who invited me to join the alliance one or two years ago, i just remember how he occupied mi city, i was really scared at the time, so i decided to approach him on message and he just answered me "oh dont worry im just wanted to see how well my steam giants handled a level one town wall", since that approach he/she guided me very well in the game as i grew up, and also told me that i could join lex gabinia, i couldn't hold my happiness, a week later after researching foreign cultures and building my embassy i finally joined them and had a welcome with arms open.

      After 3 months or a little bit more, i had to go inactive for same reasons as 2009(so i lost my alliance membership with LG), i like studying and learning a lot, i also like to work, but as reasonable, there's time for learning, there's time for working, and there's time for fun... So i tried few other games on the web that helped me to pass the time by and were playable when i had some time available, League of Legends, and Maplestory, but after a year playing League Of Legends i found that i spent more time complaining and being angry for players attitude in game, or just because i couldn't find the reason why i was loosing ranked or normal games so much, i trained a lot my farming, my kitting and lots of stuff more, so i decided to drop it off. Maplestory on the other way, was a really nice game, no problems at all, just that its almost impossible to progress in the game at higher levels without the premium currency(Nexon Points) for buying weapons and clothes that suit your level, so after getting bored of trying to progress without paying, i dropped it off, now I'm here back again in ikariam searching for people to play with, have fun, and learn!

      Note: In the almost 9 years of playing ikariam with several periods of inactivity, im a noobie in lots of stuff :) , not embarrassed to tell it, i really just know the basics, Ive read strategies of Producers, or Warriors type of players and lots of stuff more, but i don't understand them very well, I'm interested in joining an alliance that's willing to teach me what Ive missed this whole time, or an alliance academy, i just want to learn, play, and have fun! :gamer:
      ...I Was Sentenced by anthonomasy...