STORM v. -Z- Combat Reports

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Ikariam team

  • STORM v. -Z- Combat Reports

    ONLY COMBAT REPORTS THAT OCCUR AFTER OUR DOW and till the end of the 4 Week Term Period, will be counted. (Time period: 29.1.2018 0:00:00 - 25.2.2018 0:00:00 game clock)

    Combat Report Posting rules: only combat reports that are posted in the official: STORM v. -Z- Combat Reports, CR thread, will be counted. To keep our members from posting duplicates, it is expected that the winning alliance of the combat, posts the Combat Report on the thread. Alliances leaders are expected to regulate proper CR posting and recording to avoid duplicates and score manipulation.

    We have also created (and will manage) a google spreadsheet representing total scores.


    Please post your CR in the forum thread 1st, then feel free to add the damage points from the CR to the shared total score spreadsheet. You will find the total score at the top of the spreadsheet.

    Thank you,

    Leader of STORM