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    • Alliances External Pages

      Hi, Dead Pegasus here again.

      I've browsed lot's of alliances just for looking their external pages, in old ikariam seeing external pages was really nice, lots of imagination content and lots of stuff, but now i see there's not too many alliances that have a nice external page, even though they are top alliances in the servers im playing now.

      As a player wanting the community to be nice and productive, i offer myself to design and create external pages if any alliance wants one, I'll do it for free, also feel free to say thanks in anyway after I finish my work, I have free time to do them, depending on how much people contact me if they're interested in the idea.

      If you are, then just send me a Private Message here in the forum, and send me the next things:

      -Alliance Name
      -Background Color
      -The thematic of your alliance(Pirates, Knights, Roman Empire, stuff like that)
      -Main Colors related to the thematic of your alliance.
      -Everything you want to put in there, name of the administrators(Leader/s, Diplomatic/s, General/s, and a brief description of them if you want one to put it aside of their names)
      -Peace Treaties, Wars Won/Lost, Alliance Policies, Piracy Policies(if you have one), Requirements to join.
      -Any extra detail you want to put in this space.

      Now, if you're not happy with my work, just feel free to tell me what you didn't like and how you'd like me to modify it, I save all my projects to change them later just in case some of this happens.

      Now #2, don't expect me to create for you a Sistine Capel or a World Wonder 3D External alliance page, i do very well with graphic design, just don't be too exaggerated, but be sure that I will put all my effort and imagination to create an amazing external alliance page.

      With nothing more to say or add, I'll be expecting your messages, and I hope that this will get a good reception. :)
      ...I Was Sentenced by anthonomasy...