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    • Greeting world NY,

      My name is Briggs. I have recently been looking at the older worlds, and it looks like NY is a very active world with many players. I am currently playing on Charon and have noticed that there are not too many players. I can only imagine how few there will be six months down the road. I also was very active in Asklepios until that world totally died. I am honestly looking for a good active world where I can have some good allies to grow and fight with. I am an experienced fight and builder, and know how to create and maintain a very sturdy account. I am looking to try out world NY and would love to speak with someone about getting an account so I can enjoy this world too. Please let me know if you can help me in anyway with this. I am not interested in starting a new account on this world since there are already many players with millions of points and that would be no fun to be so far behind. So if you have a decent account you know of, please get back to me. I love this game and just want to enjoy it for a long time. Thanks guys.