Event: Ikariam's 10 Year Anniversary

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    Ikariam team

    • Event: Ikariam's 10 Year Anniversary

      Dear players,

      to celebrate Ikariam's 10 year anniversary we'll activate the following bonuses:
      • 10% bonus on gathered resources (building material and luxury)
      • 10% faster training/building of troops and ships
      • 10% faster building construction
      • 10% faster trade ships

      These bonuses will be active from 03.02.2018 00:00 until 12.02.2018 23:59.
      As with all events of that kind the latest "special servers" are excluded from this, so your newest servers which already have special settings will NOT have these bonus activated.

      As usual, all times are server times.

      Happy anniversary everyone!

      Your Ikariam Team