How active is this game nowadays?

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    • "Game Edification / Suggestions" . Personaly I think anyone making a suggestion is wasting their time. GameForge does not care enough about this game to bother to make any changes. Even in the good old days when the game was booming I don't think a player suggestion was ever implemented. I suggest that the suggestion thread should be removed.
    • Thanks.

      It seems like the people that stick around are pretty loyal to the game. So they should put a little more effort into it.

      Though they did set up a war server recently for the USA servers, which is nice.

      I feel like this idea would create a boiling pot affect where it would keep the server competitive enough that spending money for premium items for rise over time versus fall.

      I'll go ahead and post it in the right section though.
    • Global Tournament Servers (whole world versus by country)

      Global Tournament Servers (whole world versus by country)

      8 minutes ago
      First off, Ikariam is an easy game to play over a long period of time because most of it is based on building your account to an exponentially greater level with maxing out an account within reach - with enough time and effort put into it. Players can also break the silence by participating in exciting wars and close pirate tournaments.

      However, after a year or two, alliances become entrenched and locked in place and players don't move around a lot. Such that there is not enough alliance growth, members moving around and playing with each other, or creating new conflict or partnerships. In which case, gameplay starts to become a chore and people leave.

      And when people leave the server, there is less players to fight or befriend and the server dies.

      Now alliances find new ways of adding excitement back into the server through wars - but then you are fighting the same people all the time - and the battles become easier because you know your enemy OR you and/or your alliance join a more active server and start again, keeping your old accounts in other servers in v-mode and investing time into the new servers. However, this just makes the old server die more quickly when alliances start splitting their time between two servers.

      So I propose that Game Forge utilizes their "move old account to a new server" feature to allow players and alliances to move their established accounts to a new server, one that is Global - not based on a country, so that people from all over the world interact with each other creating conflict and relationships, and one that is set up like a tournament with tiers, for at the moment the cost of moving an account to a new server is based on whether or not your account is of a higher rank than the other players. There is a equality rule here that you have to be within a certain point level to join.

      However if Game Forge created 3 tiered Global Tournament Servers, then they could create a server for + 1 Million Total Point Accounts, 500k - 1M TP Accounts, and 100k to 500k TP Accounts. This way the issue of equality is no longer an issue. And if it is, well, its a tournament server, so its supposed to be more difficult and if you pay for more premium items, it will be less difficult (so potentially these servers will have more players, more activity, and more paying customers).

      Additionally these servers can work to help move out players from older server so that Game Forge does not need to merge servers, because the "merging" or moving of accounts will occur over time and at less volume (you're not merging two servers of 1000 accounts each, you are merging a 100 - 1000 people over a specific period of time, which is more manageable).

      Moving accounts to these tournament servers should be free, if its not free, it won't work as efficiently because those who can't pay (people like me), won't move - instead they'll leave because everyone else did make the move. However, people like me create activity in the server by being an extra target and by being a part of alliances that help retain paying customers - so don't count us out - we appreciate what paying customers do to allow us to play the game for free, but if they did not want us to be a part, we'll just find another game to play. Which is something that people who get tired of this game do. I currently want to continue playing, but my server is dead, and I don't want to rebuild another account on a newer server as I've invested enough time getting my current account where it is and my current account is well balanced for fighting where a new account is not. So reduce the barriers of moving, and you'll see servers free up and players staying around to play the game.

      Second, alliances should be able to move together. This will benefit servers by helping them position themselves better in the new server by gathering together or positioning their cities strategically to be in a better fighting position when the wars start - which they will because its a tournament server! But I mainly suggest this as an option because alliances are already starting up together on new servers and so the practice is there. It will also reduce the barriers of moving if everyone moves to the next tournament tier server together, because no one wants to leave their team to move alone to the next server, nor do they want to leave someone behind - such as a new addition to their team that may be a 30k TP account whereas everyone else is at 500k TP. In which case, the pre-requisites for joining a tier on the tournament server as an alliance should be set at the Alliance Total Points, not at what each player has, and the tier should be rounded up so that if an alliance of 20 players with 5 players at 500k ( 5*500k = 2.5 M) and the rest (15 = 2.5), then they would enter the mid tier together at 5 Million points, even though some of their members may not be able to join the mid tier alone at the required 500k TP. In this case, they ride the wave of their other members, but are at a possible disadvantage in the server (well..those 5 players, then have to support the other members so that they aren't overwhelmed, but this is easier to do as long as they stay in the alliance). So as an alliance, alliances can join a tier at: 50 million total points for tier 1 (highest), 5 million alliance TP for tier 2 (mid) and 1 million alliance TP for tier 3 (lowest).

      Additionally, the Tournaments should be timed to every 5 months where at the end of the tournament, alliances and individual players have the option to move up or down or stay within their tier based on their total points at the end. Then after the tournament ends, there is a 1 month break where alliances or players move and establish themselves within the new servers before starting up the next tournament period (and the tournaments could have themes and prizes too to keep it interesting).

      In this, there are 2 case studies from games I've played that do this well: 1. Elves vs Dwarves (formerly the hobbit: battle of 5 armies) and 2. Dawn of Titans.
      1. Tournament Schedule for Elves v. Dwarves (Gaea): (these are named specific to ingame slang)
      2. First minute of this video shows you the tournament and leaderboard system of Dawn of Titans:

      This is a great way for improving activity, providing a competitive environment, retain and create customers, and reduce the need to merge servers. It will also keep me from leaving the game, which would be nice, because I do enjoy playing, but most of my gameplay is focused on building the best alliance in the server and when there are no more people joining the server and no more alliances interested in merging, I become less active.

      Leader of [STORM] Boreas USA
    • Knuckles, I didn't even freakin read this last post mate.

      (Edit:Okay I went and read it just now and congratulations for breaking forum rules by talking about other games and comparing them to ikariam)


      First up, your suggestions are impractical.

      Servers are isolated to just servers for a reason. You seem to have missed the server merges. they were, ina word a sheetstorm of crap and complexities. you want to go and fight in a war on another server go and join another server or if on the same domain, teleport there. Og wait, you love the game to bits but you won't support gameforge with any sort of money even though youa dmit tyou sink a lot of time into the game. Sooooo you want optoions that are available but at a cost because they are heinously over powered in the right hands, to be free for all.

      What about your inactive suggestion - hey look, ana ccount goes inactive for many reasons sometimes rl gets in the way, it happens to the best of us and sometimes unexpectedly, but suddenly youw ant poeoples accounts to be transported off of their islands to where other people are so it makes it better for those other people? Get fracked mate. SDeriously, do what everyone else does, especially those with time on their hands, and map the server. Then when yous ee an inactive on the scoreboard go do some hideout spying, fnd a juicy target and go set up a mobile. Pro Tip: Use ambrosia trades to convert loot to crystal and experiment it away, it's surprisaingly effective if you are farming 2 days away travel time. Of course, if you are spending money a teleport to the lcoation if it is high enough reward is probably abetter option but all of us have mobile farmed before. Your inactive suggestion highlights one thing - you're a laz bloke that has no concept of the basics of the gameplay.

      Oh you want a country vs country war - pro tip: Go start accounts or pick upa ccounts from forums because people pass accounts on frequently when they are done with them, on another domain and then go let your 'merican patriotism shine and go pick on someone else. Hey, I started almost a decade ago in the UK servers. It was pretty vitriolic, cross server hits were common place, people couldn't leave conflict in a server to just that one server, if you were found to be on another server, good chance people would cross server hit you. So I and a few friends left, and came here. It was a good move,decent enough community not as crap fighter mentality (there's good fighter mentality and bad, the UK at the time was very bad and unenjoyable). I digress. Go start an account on another domain. I suggest the greek servers, they are some of the oldest, if you want to prove how awesome you are, go fight them on their alpha server. Take heads, make a name for yourself, but that is literally the only way that is going to happen.

      You realise that before the merges happened, there were over 600 active servers across 3 dozen+ domains worldwide? Oh wait, no, you probably didn't, well now you do. How the frack is gameforge supposed to keep track of everyones data correctly to allow shift into an international server war set up and then back again without having people who didn't opt in not taking over peoples islands and not doing other things that will shank your account once said wars are over (account name stealing for example)? There are very good reasons why gameforge only did server merges one domain at a time and even then there were some major disappointments and annoyances thanks to the nature of the merges.

      Oh look you talk about a 3 tiered 3 server ranked war server thingey that last for an arbitrary number of time that you have denoted should be 5 months for no reasons givene xcept 5 months, because that makes sense, surely? The most hilarious thing is you talk about a <500k TS, a 500k to 1 million TS, and a 1 million+ TS server set up.Yous ir obviously have no idea how to play this game effectively, those numbers are ludicrous.

      You understand right, that played well, with massive amounts of aggressive pillaging as wella s mine and mill investment and accountd evelopment that hitting 1 million TS can be done within less then half a year with ease. No? it seems you don't, because your server numbers are based on your own crappy experience which we can all see as you have stated 'play for a few years get bored start on another server and the other server dies, at least for you not people still there but we'll broadly state the server is dead because self important you aren't there anymore and can't find conflict or get motivated to play the game on an aggressive level anymore'. Basically, you're one of those players that contributes more to the problem that ikariam has - too many new servers witha rtificially numbered new players where most are old players who don't have the skills to maintain an account long term and who also like to hide behind the excuse of 'but I can't find anyone fresh and new to fight, or I the server is dead despite hav9ing over 3000 active accounts', Whilst servers seem to be getting released at a slightly slower level, that's going to bite you in 6he backside again because gameforge will merge again, it's inevitable at this stage, they didn't learn from previous issues and adopt a different approach to better keep the player base, one like I suggested elsewhere where they make a dedicated server that is short term, like half a year, enough time to get established then go again, and just reset it, instead of releasing new servers all the time, leave existing ones, then all new ones just become this standard singular reset server. Less servers, more concentrated player bases. Simple, effective, addresses everyones needs. As anotyher point to your proposed tiered system servers, some of the best fighters in this games history, many whom are on our domain, have repeatedly stated that you don't need to develop an account past at best 800,000 TS to be able to fight indefinitely and effectively. Your 500k to 10000k servr would be a crap shoot for the players that by your thinking, would probably be in the 1 mil+ servers. The reality is, that the very good fighters usually don't play to do anyuthing other then to fight and their development usually only comes about because they pillaged excess resources and they should probably spend them. There are innumerable strong fighters who have played for as long or longer then myself who are sitting at less then 5 million TS when they could be in the 30 millions+ range of TS. Doiifferent aspects of the game appeal to different people and I feel yous eem to miss the point here with your tiered system. The simple solution for you is to just go joina younger or older server and go nuts from there.

      Lets cut to the chase here: gtfo of this thread and stop posting suggestions here, post them in the suggestions section. But the reality is, gameforge will not listen, they will do what they've always done: Ignore Ikariam's existence


      P.S. You say how after a few years alliances and players get entrenched, don't move around much and creating conflict becomes difficult and a chore. Pro Tip: Hop on the boards and crap talk about board active fighters on your server/s. Problem solved. Doesn't take a genius to realise this, although maybe you're just not cut out to lead anything other then a scrub farm alliance, because that's how you're talking.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D