DOW: BURNT versus WBP and ZoWa

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    Ikariam team

    • DOW: BURNT versus WBP and ZoWa

      BURNT has been waiting for a good fight for long enough. The Chuck demands an offering and BURNT will answer.

      We were crushed by their mastery of ikariam battle tactics in our last Wars.

      BURNT needs to redeem itself in the eyes of The Texas Ranger. So once again we raise our swords at the mighty WBP and ZoWa!

      WHEN: War will start at 1800 USA Eastern Time, on Friday, 09 February 2018

      1: Grown men stop wearing speedo’s at public beaches and switch to regular swim trunks, worldwide.
      2: The Chuck roundhouse kicks Kim Jong-un in the face.
      3: Somalia wins the gold medal in long distance ski jumping at the Winter Olympics.
      4: First alliance to make it to 02 March, 2018 at 1800 USA Eastern Time.

      1: BURNT has fought both of these alliances before and find them to be exceptional players (and many of them friends); smack talk is always appreciated, but let’s keep it fun, not personal, and PG.
      2: BURNT has posted gauntlet war requests to each alliance, should they not notice or accept this offering, BURNT will be keeping track of Combat Reports posted.
      3: We will only be keeping track of battle Damage for this war. Resources pillaged will not count in the overall damage totals.
      4: Feel free to post any Combat Report you like, but ones posted with less than 1000 points Damage will probably get a laugh.


      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig

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    • Oh soupy ,soupy oh soupy... You know i like you right? You have spunk and i respect that, really!
      Yet i have to admit i dont see the point in this.. You cant take US on and you couldnt take WB on..Now you want to take both of us on?? I dont mean to sound condescending but you have absolutely 0 chance of winning.. So how about this : We all agree that BURNT wins the ''war'' and we skip the shenanigans of actually having to put put you dont again . Deal? :borg:
    • My apologies to both WBP and ZoWa. I was under the impression that a gauntlet war request had gone out to both of you, and I was mistaken.

      I have now sent that request out to each of you and hope this eliminates any confusion.

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • ok here is how we are playing this. you want this war? fine. me and jossiah have agreed that we wont take offensive action(just the 2 of us) and we are going to leave our smaller members take you on. We know what we can beat you so its time to see what our other members can do.
      Word of caution. We are going to stay passive as long as no attacks come to our islands. If for some reason we see any attacks on our military advisor, we will strike back and we wont stop until we make the responsible party go into vmode!
      are we in agreement ?
    • Well.. BURNT got its butt handed to it this time, but there is always next time! Either way, It was still fun.

      Thanks for the war WBP and ZoWa. Great fighters as always.

      Thanks for joining in and lending a hand BPO. BURNT would fight beside you anytime.

      Here are the points difference (I don’t have the points difference for BPO)

      These are the results:

      ……….…. Enemy`s points …… BURNT
      ZoWa ……………. 136,504 …... 70,540
      WB-P ……………. 334,123 …. 128,306

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig