Pinned Players Looking for a New Alliance Post Here

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    • Players Looking for a New Alliance Post Here

      Players looking for an alliance *POST HERE*

      This is the collection thread that can be used by players to find their alliance.

      Here players may introduce themselves and alliance leaders can browse through
      the thread and pick the ones they like.

      This is to prevent a vast amount of "Need an alliance" threads in the Alliance
      Introduction Board.

      * please keep the spam to a minimum
      * please don't use this thread to introduce your alliance, thats what the Alliance Introduction Board is for
      * if you wish to invite someone to your alliance please do it via PM
      * the same goes for inquiring about an alliance (unless they have an introduction thread, then use that)

      Thank you!

      Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
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    • New-ish player looking for an alliance. Located on Niseos (55:54) if that helps?

      Don't mind the nOOb over here, definitely posted in Dionysos instead of Demeter's world board. I SWEAR most days I can actually read. I cannot, however, figure out where to delete this post, soooooo hope you get a laugh out of this.