Damage to wall

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    • Damage to wall

      Hey guys.

      When pillaging a town, where no units are present, it is enough to demolish only a single section of the wall in order to win the battle.

      However, i have noticed that sometimes my units will target each wall segment equally, and demolish the wall as a whole.
      In other cases my units will target a single wall segments.

      Is there a clear system for when my units will target the whole wall, and when they will target a specific wall segment?
    • demolish 1 segment & demolish the whole wall (7/7) segments, do they happen in 1 turn only?
      or 1 turn or the first case and several turns for the second case?

      if all happen in ONE turn only, it's depend on the dame that your units dame to the wall and the level of the wall (hit-points)
    • your atillery will focus one segment, but some shots will hit other segments. But i think this is not what you're after.
      Between two rounds the damage done to the wall will be distributed equally to all not destroyed wall segments.
      So let's say the enemy has a wall lvl 30. => 1600 HP 120 armor
      You have 6 motars without forge with gold upgrade, so one hit does 273 dmg.
      => You do (273-120)*6 = 918 dmg.
      The enemy has 7 wall segments => 7*1600 = 11200 HP
      So you get (without scattered hits, so all hits on one segment) one segment to 682 HP, this would be displayed as 42% HP in the CR round 1.
      Between round 1 and 2 the HP are distributed equally to all segments.
      So at the start of round 2 all segments have (11200-918)/11200 = 91% HP.
      And i think it is this effect you saw.