JoRoCo the bully

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    Ikariam team

    • JoRoCo the bully

      let me introduce myself first,
      hi all im empress leknaat my game style is pure building and research. im no good at fighting. i stay away from boards cause i might offend someone and get attacked in game but i do read the forum. i dont like wars im very peaceful player, i only attack and pillages inactive players.
      but today it seems i must post here on board because of JoRoCo.

      me and joroco share the same island (warp my towns), i read in forum that he is nasty player now i know its true.
      we started sending pm and learned that he is my fellow country men(philippines). so we exchange pms in our native language he tried to recruit me into Phoenix alliance and he even know my playstyle as builder and so on, he brought up this conversation that if i ever leave ikariam, he wanted to take over my account. i said yes just to be nice. we even had ct agreement and friend list.

      if memory serves me correct, around oct 2017 i went inactive he pillages me no harm in that, i went active again sent him pm that im active he stop attacking. he reminded me that he wanted too take over the account, i just went along. then i went inactive again and active again sent him pm again stop attacking again its ok. this time around i went inactive and active again, sent him pms but i was igonored its ok maybe he is busy. he attacks again i activate those reward military and sent him pm again, im sure he must have noticed it because his been pillaging the same town with no troops and all of sudden there is a troop. i realized he will keep on pillaging me. i vmode for 2 days. when i logged on back he sent pillages again sent him pm. no response. deleted him from friend list. nothing happens. i joined WLS maybe he will stop attacking me because there is a peace agreement still pillages me (sorry WLS leadership)(im loyal WLS member, i was once WLS im just no good fighter thats why i left). i sent their diplomat ever flores that joroco keeps on attacking me, we keep exchanging pms he said no response from joroco. i ask permission from ever flores that i will attacked joroco forever (that time i decided that i will pillage joroco until the end of time) ever flores response "you do what you must do" something along that line. so i build 150k ms. pillages him several times. around 2nd week of dec 2017 he went vmode. jan 2018 last week or feb 1st week 2018, he went active i started pillaging him this time he did not vmode. in that time frame he sent me pms that he surrendered. my reply that "he keeps on attacking me that i sent him pms and i even pm his diplomat and give him heads up that i will pillage him forever" he never reply. then he sent me pm again that he will quit and even offer to give his account and then send me resource (this really infuriates me he wants me ban) i file ticket and send back the reso.

      around last week of feb or 1st week of march. joroco build ms we started to clash and then william wallace started to join the fight. i sent their leader hendrik requesting that it should it 1v1. my approach was in a nice way hendrik reply rudely considering his short description "Anyone can talk to me when they want. If you are friendly - I will always be friendly to you too." lol. i explained him everything he went from rude to nice. he wanted to solve the issue with peace. but i ask him nicely over and over i no need peace with joroco. i only need 1 v 1. we exchange pms he said the only way to end this is peace. he warned me that if i attaked joroco he will attack me. what to do, i just made a deal with hendrik.

      now joroco is causing trouble again. i think he is bullying someone again, one of his town is block by a BP member WMcCracken a 600k player. but i am certain he is fight a member of KOFG andal ampatuan 5 million pointer player. i talked to him he said he doesnt know the problem of joroco, joroco just started to pillages him. he fights back and now joroco has 90k ms.

      this Hendrik in our conversation he said he doesnt tolerate bullying yet one of his member keeps bullying other players yet he doesnt do anything about it.

      by the way i have screenshots of pms and cr where william wallace and joroco attacked me.

      joroco bullying must be stop.
    • Was Phoenix not an alliance with a bad reputation anyways? I don't know what to suggest for your case.I have seen situations where some reputable alliances of Alpha took care before some reckless individual/group started to spread their troublemaking, but I am not sure how attracted could they be to your issue.

      Either way, you will have to be prepared to handle it by yourself.If you were a part of alliance at the times when they threatened with multi attacks, I am sure such threats would not been made in the first place.They were up for it because you were a lone wolf.
    • i will honor the deal i made with Hendrik. no attacks from me or joroco. the deal was once joroco attack me hendrik said he will kick joroco out of Phoenix alliance and himself will attack joroco and if i attacked joroco hendrik will attack me. that was the deal. but once joroco is out of phoenix alliance i will pillage him dry until my ikariam days. i never made a deal with joroco just with hendrik. i dont want to drag this to alliance war.

      the issue here is that hendrik said he despice bullying yet joroco is bullying players around us, smaller than him and he doesnt do anything about it. i sent Hendrik pm regarding this, no response. i think it was last week. i have talked to andal ampatuan of KOFG, he is a 6 mil pointer player not 5 mil sorry, to make peace with joroco he said he does not want to look like he is begging. i told him he will just lost to joroco he will be pillage more his gold is only 70 mil. he ask for my help. i will not resort to the actions of joroco where he asked military assistance from his alliance mate.

      regarding WMcCracken i dont know the issue with joroco. but i saw him blocking 1 of joroco town. the question is why would a 600k pointer player block a 9 mil pointer? im guesing joroco pillages him. ow btw me, joroco and WMcCracken share the same island. andal ampatuan is nearby.

      this is to let everybody know what joroco been doing to players around him big or small. and also once joroco left or kick out of Phoenix alliance i will dedicate my ikariam life pillaging him. and i hope when that the day come it will stay 1 v 1. i dont know his other enemies.

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    • First.Bruh, don't believe what people say, especially if those people were known to be reckless and failed to uphold agreements in the past.What Hendrik truly did there was a prevention of further pillaging of his own member.He did it at joroco's benefit, not yours.You had the upper hand at that point.You said it yourself already, Hendrik did not do anything to stop joroco when you were getting attacked at first.

      If Phoenix truly wanted to deal with the source of this problem, they could have ordered joroco to stop bothering far weaker players long time ago.They only intervene when odds turn against them, which means they firmly support his actions.

      So, this is for you and Hendrik supposedly honoring some agreement, but in reality, he is just protecting the best interest of his alliance.You are being played right there.

      Second.I support military activities, as long as the parties involved have equal strengths.Exceptions include inactives or weaker (but reckless) individuals.Pillaging by itself is not a problem and never will be.If the complaint was purely about you getting pillaged, then I would tell you to go and deal with it.Phoenix apparently supports military activities as long as their members are on the winning end; if not, they do their best to threaten or force a truce. :lol:
    • I see JoRoCo is up to his usual antics. We've had several run-ins with him over the years. He's one of those players that just seems to want a beating every now and then. He's been that way since before he ever joined PHNX. If I remember correctly, he's been known to hit small players, or at the very least smaller players compared to himself. But when he finds himself on the other end of an equally lopsided conflict, he'll hit vmode. When he comes back he usually leaves us (or whoever we were defending) alone, at least for a a good long while.

      sig by Checkmate

      I dug my key into the side
      Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive,
      Carved my name into his leather seats...
      I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights,
      Slashed a hole in all four tires...
      Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats
    • hi june,

      just to make clear joroco is not attacking me anymore. what im saying here is that his been attacking and pillaging smaller player around us. this is just my guess, i based it on WMcCracken and andal ampatuan case.
      i am seeing smaller player tagless around 100k points and up in vmode before they are not in vmode, i dont know maybe rl issues or joroco issues.

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    • empress leknaat wrote:

      hi june,

      just to make clear joroco is not attacking me anymore. what im saying here is that his been attacking and pillaging smaller player around us. this is just my guess, i based it on WMcCracken and andal ampatuan case.
      i am seeing smaller player tagless around 100k points and up in vmode before they are not in vmode, i dont know maybe rl issues or joroco issues.
      You made it clear already, nobody is misunderstanding you here.
    • JoRoCo bullying alliance members.


      I am the leader of the alliance ARCommando and I am making a board post about the player JoRoCo.

      JoRoCo is a bully, as some of you may know, and he has been repeatedly been attacking members of our alliance for almost a week now. (Proof: )
      Our alliance is newb friendly so most of our members can't defend themselves against him as he has 10m points.
      We have contacted him and waited for him to reply as to why he keeps attacking, but he has never replied. I decided to take matters into my own hands and pillaged him to reclaim the resources he took from us.
      He continues to attack even today,

      Can we put a stop to this? I'm sure he has offended many other players as well.

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