Ikariam Community Discord Chat

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    Ikariam team

    • Ikariam Community Discord Chat

      Hello all and Gameforge Employees,

      I would like to suggest an upgrade to the old IRC platform to instead be moved to the new and better Discord Communication chat. It has a web browser, computer and phone applications and has been fundamental in bringing my alliance together.

      I am formally introducing the chat here: discord.gg/dwtVmms

      I've already set it up. Think of this as a community started trial run. Yet, I would like officially backing or even GameForge to set up their own Official Discord Server - in which case, we can close the one I set up and move over to the one you set up.

      Let me know your thoughts below and if you haven't already, please join us!

      Leader of [STORM] Boreas Server
    • Sorry this one is a dead-end due to German data protection laws. Basically, Gameforge cannot offer any lines of support or operate in any official capacity on something it also does not own. While Discord is a lot of fun, has a nice interface, Gameforge would have to rely on Discord wiping certain user logs to comply with German laws or face enormous fines. Would Discord do this? Probably - however topics in the news illustrate that just because a firm claims the data is wiped, doesn't ensure it actually is. We've been instructed from the top that a discord server is not something that can/will happen.

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