Hello from Ismenae, a new-ish player!

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    Ikariam team

    • Hello from Ismenae, a new-ish player!

      Hello everyone! I'm new-ish to Ikariam, or at least to the browser version and forums, ha! I also played several years ago briefly. Just found the game again and have been mostly playing from the app, so it's nice to have the full features on the browser plus hopefully make a couple of friends here through the boards!

      I'm currently in Demeter server with my main city on Niseos (55:54) and honestly, a bit unsure what to do other than just grow my cities and do my own thing. I definitely play more focused on the domestic life and doing my own thing in my cities rather than a strong offensive military, but that'd probably change if I knew what the heck I was doing!

      Anyway, in real life I'm an equine professional, splitting my time between barn management, riding instruction/training, and horse show management for the eventing barn I'm at. I'm due with my first baby in early June, so Ikariam has been a nice game to add while I have more down time now and in the near future with wee one :love:

      Would love to hear from you guys!