Time limited premium item to build two buildings in a town simultaneously.

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    Ikariam team

    • Sorry this one falls under the following dead end idea:

      Any suggestion that would completely nullify the need to have/use anything currently in the game.
      If your suggest removes the purpose of an aspect of the game - removing the need for it - it ruins game balance.

      • Suggesting "better" stats for low units
        Low units are supposed to be low units. They cost relatively little to obtain/maintain, and are designed as filler until you advance enough to build something better. Suggesting a "better unit" which has no abilities not already represented by another pre-existing, higher-end unit is an exercise in futility.
      • Suggesting a new unit/building that removes the need for another pre-existing unit/building
        The whole game is deliberately balanced. Make sure your proposed unit or building does not upset that balance by being too powerful or not having a drawback of some kind.
      • Anything that similarly disrupts game balance
        This includes suggestions for game-play features only useful for new players, since the suggestion becomes obsolete as the player progresses.
      The building queue already exists as a premium function to allow users to have more consistent building of things in a town. Adding another feature that in essence makes this much easier. It also largely messes with game balance as this hugely is in favor of larger accounts vs. those just starting out.

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