trade ships disappearred

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    • trade ships disappearred

      Anyone else had a problem with trade ships disappearring? I had 122 trade ships disappear after dropping off goods from pillaging. They do not show up anywhere that I can find now. Any ideas or suggestions? I still have 59 trade ships that are transporting goods and show up under the military advisor
    • Hello, I too just lost half my trade ships suddenly for a period of time and then they reappeared after the other half delivered their cargo to another town (it happened maybe half an hour to 1 hour back). I have just opened a ticket for this but will close it since it resolved itself.

      What I did before I noticed the bug was send two shipments of wood from 2 different towns to a common destination town (96 ships each). So one of those 2 convoys disappeared after delivering the goods and I was left with 96 ships. I sent those 96 ships out again and when it delivered the goods, all 192 became available suddenly.

      This may be a coincidence but it happened after I used the Steam Lifter to double storage capacity.

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