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    Ikariam team

    • Update 0.2.0

      Dear Community,

      Version 0.2.0 takes place now - have fun while playing ;)

      • Feature - Introduction of action points: each transport or military action as of now requires an action point from the town of origin. Each player´s town has two action points available from its inception. Every five town hall stages this number is increased by one (meaning that a town with a town hall level of ten has a total of four action points available).
      • Feature - Buying research with crystals: when researching ´Glass´ it is now possible to complete researches by adding a certain amount of crystals. The amount of crystals is dependent on the research and from the amount of research already completed by the researchers. The amount of crystals traded in hitherto is not applicable to this.
      • Feature - New building: Governor´s Residence. All palaces in towns which are not the home town will be converted to this building. The function of this building: Please see next feature
      • Feature - Introduction of corruption in the colonies: in all towns aside from the home town corruption is as of now present. This has a negative impact on the production of resources, research and satisfaction. By expanding the governor´s residence the amount of corruption is reduced. As soon as you have reached an expansion stage in your town that is one below the amount of towns possessed, there will be no more corruption in your town. Corruption will be increased step-wise with the upcoming releases to its full strength. The current and actual corruption (in brackets) will be displayed in the town hall.
      • Feature - Messages to the diplomat are now specially marked
      • Feature - Treaty offers can now be managed at the Diplomacy Advisor
      • Bugfix - Messages to the diplomat from users without an alliance are now correctly displayed
      • Bugfix - Messages to the diplomat from users with an alliance are now correctly displayed

      best regards
    • Update 0.2.1

      Dear Community :)

      A new Update arrived at the worlds of
      It consists of a few Features and Bugfixes, which are
      listed here:

      [list]Feature: "Squealing"-Button available
      Feature: Detail page added to the premium features
      Bug: Payment-Block added
      Bug: Offers at the trading post that come from deleted colonies aren't shown anymore
      Bug: Diplomacy overview key in english
      Bug: Circumvention of action points fixed
      Bug: Disband more units than available
      Bug: e.g. greek letters are allowed in player-, alliance-, and town names
      Bug: Bought goods are reserved immediately if trade agreement is in effect
      Bug: Production by helpers was calculated wrongly
      Bug: If a spy was sent to a town without buildings, it got "stuck"
      Bug: Error message while renaming a town (string too short or too long)
      Bug: White page when activating a wonder
      Bug: Demolishing a building gives back correct amount of resources
      Bug: Messages now show the town where the message was sent from, not the capital
      Bug: Max-Button doesn't regard the live production
      Bug: Smaller fixes on military agreements
      Bug: The validation mail can only be sent three times within 24h[/list]

      We hope you'll like it and have a lot of fun with playing on
      Best regards
      Your Staff
    • new version: 0.2.2

      Dear Community.

      a new version will be released on Monday.
      this version will contain only bug fixes:

      Bugfix: Error message/white page after upgrading the sawmill
      Bugfix: After town name was changed, the name has not been changed at the trading post offer
      Bugfix: Academy downgrade: Researches are not laid off
      Bugfix: Wrong Scientists/Gold calculation fixed
      Bugfix: Added missing pictures at help -> ships
      Bugfix: Viewing error at help -> buildings fixed
      Bugfix: Mission end from transports has been wrong
      Bugfix: Viewing error at IE: Arrows have not been shown right at the trading post
      Bugfix: Viewing error at IE: Buildings -> Empty border
      Bugfix: Trading with the whole world with trading post 1
      Bugfix: Alliance functions not translated
      Bugfix: Trader also works if you only have 3 Ambrosia
      Bugfix: The Research Advisor only shows researches in whole numbers
      Bugfix: Max-Button at the sawmill does not consider the building costs
      Bugfix: Added missing pictures from the unit descriptions
      Bugfix: viewing error at the FAQ fixed
      Bugfix: corrected gold calculation at the academy
      Bugfix: Help-Button in the buildings do not lead to the help
      Bugfix: Shown time for "mission ending" are wrong
      Bugfix: upgrades do not work at a fight
      Bugfix: Player icon is not shown at the IE

      we hope you will have fun with these bug fixes

      your team
    • Game Update V0.2.3

      A new version of the game is currently in the process of being deployed, V0.2.3

      This should be online on our servers within the next week, V0.2.2 will be included in this update.

      Here is the changelog:

      Bugfix: If more then one player donates to the sawmill at the same time, resources are lost
      Bugfix: wine drain by clicking onto "cheers!" at the tavern
      Bugfix: Sending messages. Error message when the maximum characters are reached
      Bugfix: Missing CSS for the Highscore
      Bugfix: cancel loading
      Bugfix: Combat Reports are not lost any more
      Bugfix: Upgrades are not counted in the next round
      Bugfix: "Back to city" - Linky
      Bugfix: Wonders from other islands can be seen, including donation list
      Bugfix: Also added to the donation list with 0 Gold
      Bugfix: Opening of the wall by a spy only counts for the first attacker.
      Bugfix: Not all ship movements need action points
      Bugfix: Speed of the ships have been wrong
      Bugfix: Costs for stationing have been wrong
      Bugfix: Max-Button at the wonder always adds 0
      Bugfix: Max-Button also adds a comma
      Bugfix: Alliance Town view
      Bugfix: Wrong gold calculation for the researches, after researching "Letter Chute"
      Bugfix: Help-button had no meaning at the buildings
      Bugfix: Workshop and upgrades do not work
      Bugfix: No automatic change of the research after all researches of this section are done
      Bugfix: Problems with the alliance highscore
      Bugfix: Alliances could have the same token
    • New Version V0.2.4 - Changelog Update.

      With our new version you can find the following:

      Feature: error message for alliance foundation added
      Feature: city added to alliance message
      Bugfix: lost ships
      Bugfix: added missing translations
      Bugfix: status index while building a museum was always complete
      Bugfix: citizens were not refunded in case of a canceled colonization
      Bugfix: inventors upgrades were not shown correctly during upgrading
      Bugfix: player search at the highscore always showed the same results
      Bugfix: space characters were automatically removed
      Bugfix: wrong error message for registration errors
      Bugfix: error messages were hidden by graphics
      Bugfix: harbour blocking/ploundering slider did not work
      Bugfix: research advisor point index corrected
      Bugfix: players are not attackable during vacation mode
      Bugfix: "next page"-arrow for the research advisor did not work
      Bugfix: link to the research advisor added
      Bugfix: city wall did not show failed attacks correctly
      Bugfix: sort deserting units per ID
      Bugfix: wrong rounding for overall attack and defense at the battle reports
      Bugfix: improved link structure to military/battle reports to military advisor/battle reports
      Bugfix: construction queue help button did not work
      Bugfix: breaking the blockade with one ship was possible
      Bugfix:improved time index for mission end

      Kind Regards,
      IKariam Team
    • New game Update v0.2.5 changelog

      There is currently no date set for the release, however expect it soon ;)

      * Feature: Ikariam PLUS: + Buttons on advisors will lead directly to the specific premium overview
      * Feature: Ikariam PLUS: better resource arrangement within the town advisor
      * Feature: Ikariam PLUS: all buildings within the town advisor on total view
      * Feature: Ikariam PLUS: coordinates in city drop down shown beside the names
      * Bugfix: banned users not longer automatic set into vacation mode
      * Bugfix: own troop movements shown as attack
      * Bugfix: combat reports don´t show real plundered loot
      * Bugfix: troop improvements don´t override wall bonus anymore
      * Bugfix: wrong score in alliance overview
      * Bugfix: alliance- / highscore error´s fixed
      * Bugfix: alliance members not marked in highscore
      * Bugfix: indication error in wonder display with IE 7 fixed
      * Bugfix: max. in trading port does not work / trading ships for free
      * Bugfix: max. display on wonder fixed
      * Bugfix: page refreshes after research is ready
      * Bugfix: slider don´t insert 9999 anymore while dismissing troops
      * Bugfix: incorrect tooltip fixed
      * Bugfix: city graphic is conform with size of city
      * Bugfix: total costs for port blockade fixed
      * Bugfix: line break in messages become HTML-Newlines
      * Bugfix: main town buttons shown without insufficient governor´s residence
      * Bugfix: port blockade: travel time not shown
      * Bugfix: "report message"-Button no longer shown
      * Bugfix: spy reports won´t by to large anymore
      * Bugfix: educate spies not possible any longer

      Kind Regards,
      The IKariam Team
    • New Game Update: 0.2.6

      Dear Community,

      A new version will be released soon. It will
      consist of a few Features and Bugfixes, which
      are listed below:

      [list]Feature: Improvement of the Highscore and the player search
      Feature: Coordinates in the town drop-down are now available for all players
      Feature: Detailed combat reports show all modifications
      Feature: Full effect of corruption
      Feature: The list to choose the town is also able to show luxury goods (adjustable at options)
      Feature: Tooltip with detailed unit values at the combat report
      Bugfix: Added missing research descriptions
      Bugfix: You are able to build spies when one got lost before
      Bugfix: Fixed viewing error of banned players without vacation mode
      Bugfix: Town names have been interchanged in the trading fleet reports
      Bugfix: Town names have been interchanged at a fleet recall
      Bugfix: Page after the premium trader improved
      Bugfix: Resource storage and the trader do no longer ignore the resources at the trading post
      Bugfix: While creating a colony you are not able to view the wonder list
      Bugfix: Trading ships did not come back after a blockade
      Bugfix: Sort by price at the trading post
      Bugfix: Able to spy if someone is online
      Bugfix: After deconstruction the trading post the added bargains are deleted
      Bugfix: Spies could also be used at towns which are at vacation mode
      Bugfix: Fixed viewing error at the alliance highscore
      Bugfix: Fleets could not be called back twice
      Bugfix: Returning ships have not been marked as such
      Bugfix: Countdown till the beginning of the next fight round
      Bugfix: Results of the trading post search is paginated
      Bugfix: Trading post can be destructed again[/list]

      - Your Team

      One account to rule them all.
    • New Version: 0.2.7

      Dear Community,

      A new version will be released soon. It will
      consist of a few Features and Bugfixes, which
      are listed below:

      [list]Feature - A trade at the trading post is no longer cancelled if the gold is not enough to buy all wanted resources. You are now going to get proportionate resources.
      Feature - A new view at the espionage report while spying fleets
      Feature - The alliance names are links to the alliance page everywhere in the game
      Feature - Attackers do no longer get a combat report when they loose all their troupes in the first round.
      Feature - Trading fleet overview shows the loaded troupes
      Feature - You are now able to stop the loading of your ships
      Feature - Own offers in reach are shown at the trading post
      Feature - Lost units are now shown at the combat report
      Feature - If you do not have enough ships for a transport you are now able to charter some for Ambrosia. Those are only used for that action and not added to the own pool of transporters.
      Bugfix - Replacement of troupes has been shown as attack
      Bugfix - Trading ships could not be called back
      Bugfix - Vacation mode of banned players has been cancelled after 30 days
      Bugfix - The building level of the hideout had no influence on the rate to discover a spy on a spying mission.
      Bugfix - Spy got stuck when the target town had no hideout
      Bugfix - Fleeing lead to lost troupes
      Bugfix - You could only forge at one workshop
      Bugfix - Viewing errors at the combat report
      Bugfix - One researcher/worker less has been shown than assigned
      Bugfix - Wrong number of united troupes
      Bugfix - Viewing error at the tavern with FireFox 3.0
      Bugfix - Message that troupes got lost also was shown in combat round 4
      Bugfix - Viewing error of the drop down menu with IE 6
      Bugfix - Differing points at the Highscore
      Bugfix - Spy does not fulfil the order correct
      Bugfix - One event gives more than one message
      Bugfix - Messages at the Outbox have been deleted on their own
      Bugfix - Waiting for answer did not work with a special browser configuration
      Bugfix - Ingame message spam has been possible
      Bugfix - Replacement of troupes was not possible without trading ships
      Bugfix - Admins were shown at the Highscore
      Bugfix - Change research was not possible at high researches[/list]

      Feature - If you do not have enough ships for a transport you are now able to charter some for Ambrosia. Those are only used for that action and not added to the own pool of transporters.

      Explanation: You are able to rent mercenary ships for you own purpose (the maximum amount of ships being the amount of trading ships you own) for 5 units ambrosia each travel. After the transport is over, these ships quit your fleet again. These can only be used for peaceful ressource transportation, not for any other purposes.

      - Your Team

      One account to rule them all.
    • Originally posted by BabyFirefly
      [list]Bugfix - Change research was not possible at high researches[/list]

      Because I've gotten a lot of PMs from people worried that the new update isn't going to fix the research bug, I'm guessing that a lot of people didn't see this line or didn't fully understand what it meant. Soo, just to make sure you all see it:

      Research Bug (formerly known as "Utopia Bug" <- This bug is going to be fixed in version 0.2.7

      One account to rule them all.
    • New Version: 0.2.8

      Dear Community,

      A new version will be released soon. It will
      consist of a few Features and Bugfixes, which
      are listed below:[list]

      Feature - The satisfaction of the own citizens gets lowered if treaties are broken or dissolved by attacks
      Feature - Alliance: The Interior Ministers are now able to create different ranks with different rights and assign them to alliance members
      Feature - Alliance: The General is able to see all attacks towards alliance member
      Feature - Alliance: The General is able to see all military actions taken by alliance members (thus attacks and assistance troops) - he is also able to call them back
      Feature - Alliance: The treaty overview shows a overview over all treaty sorts from the alliance members
      Feature - While editing the external Alliance page you are able to see a preview
      Feature - While colonising you are no longer able to take more resources along than could be stored in the town
      Feature - Tooltip of the maximum storage capacity of a good extended with an trading post entry
      Feature - Donation list at the raw material deposit overworked
      Feature - Sorting of the military movements overworked
      Feature - Defend harbour and town is possible again
      Feature - Military advisor limited to 10 CR's/ messages per page
      Feature - Function to report users at the island view
      Feature - View of the unit upgrades adapted at the Ikipedia
      Feature - Added a pillory for all users. The link can be found on the highscore page
      Feature - Transport overview adapted
      Feature - The own offers at the trading post, besides the one from the actual town, are visible again at the bargain finder
      Feature - It is no longer possible to start actions by using the "back" or "reload" button from the browser
      Feature - Different improvements to reduce loading times and to avoid "white pages"
      Feature - New building destruction screen
      Feature - After changing the E-Mail address it needs to be validated to be overtaken for the account.
      Feature - Additional password request while changing the E-Mail address added
      Feature - At the Tool-Tip from a town on the island view you are now also able to find the Highscore place of the user
      Bugfix - Viewing error of the Tool-Tip at the combat reports
      Bugfix - Fleets were sometimes not shown in the trading port while being loaded
      Bugfix - A wrong storage Tool-Tip has been shown at the trading post
      Bugfix - When a own spy has been discovered the format of the report has been wrong
      Bugfix - Reports of discovered spies could not be opened
      Bugfix - Poseidon-wonder-permanent-effect has been wrong
      Bugfix - Building time formula of spies has been wrong
      Bugfix - Viewing error at the embassy with IE7
      Bugfix - Resources could be produced during a trading post trade
      Bugfix - Resources could be lost during a trading post trade
      Bugfix - Some players had action points missing
      Bugfix - Destruction of some buildings did not bring any resources
      Bugfix - Wrong view at the military advisor. Attacker have been shown as occupying forces.
      Bugfix - Sort by distance at the trading post has been wrong
      Bugfix - Buying building material by using the trading post was incorrect
      Bugfix - Trading post showed results which have been out of range
      Bugfix - While attacking in waves some trading ships has been lost
      Bugfix - No loot protection by the warehouse at special wave attacks
      Bugfix - Troops could be send via the sea way also when there was a blockade
      Bugfix - While the workshops was working on an upgrade you could build or destruct the building.
      Bugfix - At the gold highscore where some users with negative entries
      Bugfix - In some cases the town data have been switched in automatic messages
      Bugfix - Viewing error at the diplomacy advisor with the IE
      Bugfix - Erroneous view of the loading duration at the ship-/unit send screens
      Bugfix - Free spies disappeared with special conditions
      Bugfix - Erroneous view while accepting a trade offer at the IE
      Bugfix - Building time from spies have been wrong with hideout level 21
      Bugfix - Viewing error at the premium view of the diplomacy advisor
      Bugfix - Error at the cultural goods arrangement screen[/list]

      One account to rule them all.
    • A mini silent update you should know about: has only small changes in it, the most noticeable being that new e mail adresses need to be activated. This means that everybody that changed the mail adress in the past weeks or months needs to reactivate it in order to be able to play the game. Furthermore, any mail change now has to be confirmed by typing in the accounts password (this to avoid account theft by session stealing)

      One account to rule them all.
    • RE: New Version: 0.2.8

      At this time things are a little confused as you can probably tell. Because of all the feedback about the planned noob protection system, we've been told that they are going to make some changes to it.

      I'll keep you informed when I get more information.

      One account to rule them all.