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    Ikariam team

    • Received what appears to be a SCAM message in game on Alpha(US),
      attached an image with details. Link in message takes you to a site that
      looks like the Ikariam home/login page. I clicked "report" on the
      message within Ikariam, but wanted to send it up the chain. Feel free to
      forward any info provided to any relevant parties. Message reads as

      lkariam Message Polis [XX:XX] 10.07.2018 5:48:43

      Dear Community, we have carried out a survey to indicate the approval rate on a new project
      called "Fusion of Countries", in which the proposal is to merge countries with the same language.
      To vote just go to the following link.

      ***( SCAM link removed )***

      As a token of gratitude you will be automatically given a gift
      of 50 Ambrosia.

      Best regards, Team GF.
      • Scam_Alert2.jpg

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    • GameForge will never send something like this through an ingame message from an account. They are able to send global messages ingame, but all accounts on all servers will get the message. Plus, it shouldn't link back to a town. Something like this would also have a board announcement. When in doubt, check the boards for any news or announcements.

      You should also check the website address. A link sent by GF will always come from the domain.

      If you have gotten one, please report it.

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