When the largest player on the server leaches...

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    • When the largest player on the server leaches...

      So the number 1 2 player on the server spent ambro over a month ago to come to my wine island. Utilizes the resources to their fullest. Hasn't donated a stick. Just double checking that leaching still isn't tolerated in Ikariam, correct? :thumbsup:

    • "• You must donate to its islands as it is a significant part of the game"

      That is according to their alliance page.

      So he is cannot be tolerated. If he is my island mate who do nothing but leeching, I would love to spend my whole ikariam time hunting him down till he become inactive. Think I'm joking? Well, let me finish all my military research and upgrades then I will move next to him.

      Let see how he dance baby..

      Let it bleed...

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    • Nice to see old name and He isn’t the only. I see it in many alliances (Cough Cough -S- Savage Diaper Queens)

      "I don't know about you guys. It's been my goal since the start of epsilon to kill the server.I enjoy bullying the little guys into inactive status.. pillagin the bigger guys into crying to their alliances, and they quit too. The only rule that has ever applied is "last man standing wins" I intend to win"
      -Napoleon Blown-Apart of Epsilon (Greatest saying ever)