Hi Guys I'm a new player

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    Ikariam team

    • Hi Guys I'm a new player

      I'm a new player in ikariam in Dionysos Server :) . The game is very cool and lot to learn from time to time. I found this interesting to spend my extra time playing with this but sadly a high up player bullies me already, a 80k plus points hunting a 5k newbie player. Man i have no problem about pillaging but blocking your port for a long time that's irritating haha. Is this how the game works?

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    • Yes unfortunately that is how the game works. You could try diplomacy and talk to the guy but sometimes that does not work. The other thing you could try is not to research Bureaucracy for as long as possible, that way you can still ship(smuggle) goods to your blocked towns while you wait for the bully to get bored and go away.
    • Also if diplomacy doesn't work from ur stand point u could always try (if ur in an alliance) have ur alliance leadership talk to there alliance leadership, or if he is with out an alliance talk to him. Usually that gets there attention sometimes, sometimes it takes alil more like back coming to free ur port. May seem like u can't defend ur self but that what alliance is for a team effort

      :missilelauncher: ur gonna carry that :minigun:
      • :missilelauncher: Ur gonna carry that