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    Ikariam team

    • Greetings young Kings and Queens. I am Big Lew the Leader of Deadwood. We are a young alliance that was born in June. We are looking for members that are active, logs on at least once a day. Looking to grow their kingdom as well as help grow and support the members of Deadwood. Our players must maintain a 5% donation rate or higher based on donation / total score time 100. We don't care if you are veteran or a new player we still learn and help one another. You must understand that when the time comes and the alliance finds itself in a war you must be able to raise a military up and support the cause.

      Deadwood is an player driven alliance. This means all members have a say on where the alliance is heading, but high council has the finally decision.

      If you think you can meet these requirements we would be happy to have you here at Deadwood! Message our Home Sec Royalman and send a application.

      To other alliance's, if you are seeking NAP or Peace treaties contact our Diplomat Dr Teeth and he would be happy to assist.

      As we say in Deadwood, Welcome Home!

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