Ikariam: 23 postulates – an open letter to the Gameforge AG

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    Ikariam team

    • Ikariam: 23 postulates – an open letter to the Gameforge AG

      Help us change Ikariam!

      Hi guys,

      You probably like Ikariam, don’t you? Or maybe you used to but now you think that GF makes that game worse and worse – no big updates, improper policy, negligence and so on and so forth. Then you should definitely read that message. Your attention is really important for us!

      We want some changes in this game to be made. We have listed some of the best ideas ranging from trivial to crucial. And here it is, the list of 23 postulates also known as “Ikariam: 23 postulates – an open letter to the Gameforge AG”.

      Main topic (EN) /*temporarily blocked, sorry*/: board.en.ikariam.gameforge.com…tter-to-the-Gameforge-AG/
      Secondary topic (DE): board.de.ikariam.gameforge.com…tter-to-the-Gameforge-AG/

      How can you help us? It is very easy. There are several ways of doing so. If you find this initiative as important as we do, then feel free to be a part of the revolution.
      • Forward this message to your friends, allies, foes, neighbors, whoever – just let it go viral.
      • Reply one of the topics above.
      • View one of the topics above several times – 5, 10, 25, 50, maybe even more; simply: the more views, the better.
      • Find this idea at the Stomt platform and react.
      • Spread some noise about ideas mentioned here, whichever way you choose to do so.

      Interested? Great!
      Let’s make it the beginning of some significant changes!


      ETIT: Unfortunately, the topic at EN is temporarily blocked (few minutes after publishing). I hope it will be opened soon. Luckily topic at DE is still avalaible for everyone.


      I wills um yup the postulates and then respond to them. I'm not making an account on the UK boards to respond to this.

      The Initiative wrote:

      Postulate 1 - New version of Ikariam - Go get bent. the game is fine how it is for the most part. Players ar still playinga ccounts after almosta decade of active gameplay and many of them haven't gone to other companies games in the gnere because gameforge's Ikariam offers us a game that can be played intensely timewise or which you can in effect spend a few minutes each week ond epending on how real life is impactingb you. It's got a balance many other games don't have.

      postulate 2 - Server merges. Gameforge do not need yoyur suggestions here. they've done 2 global server merges so far and they worked relatively well. the only thing they need to implement is the 2 week time limit for donating to mines and mills should be changed to a full 6 weeks thatw ay even those of us with over a billion total in resource donations who also have friends whom we share islands with who also have approaching a billion resources donated, will not get punished for not having the time needed to donate all of their resources to mines and mills. The last merge the time was extended but it shouldn't have beena stressful affair for the power donators of the game it should have left weeks of potential donate time because real life interferes with the game sometimes.

      postulate 3 - "The players that do not invest real money in inner-game premium currency (Ambrosia) shouldn’t be put in noticeable worse position"
      PRO TIP SCRUB BOY - SERVERS COST MONEY TO RUN. That said, the advantages that ambrposia bring are all vulnerable to non-ambrosia uasers to move in and just wipe out the extra resources or resources gained from say abusing pirate conversions to evaluate higher. Finding ct's or premium trades, they are expensive money wise for what they bring. You are spouting crap about advantages that tells the rest of us you don't have the skills to play this game at an upper level of gameplay. grow a pair and go smash the ambrosia users into the ground like everyone else does. there are multiple people across many servers in the games history ranked 1st or in the top 10 on total score who have never touched ambrosia in their lives. get a clue moron.

      postulate 4 - Punish people for using v-mode.


      Postulate 5 - "the Initiative and co-horts do not like the black market. they want people to get negative effects because of the black amrket being used for its' intended purpose but because they dont agree with massive military being used and sold then they think people with black markest should get a scaling corruption penalty. How about this - the balck market is used in advanced startegy and tactical applications in war, just because you see people using them to gain an advantage by paying for troops to be produced by other people doesnt mean those people should get punished. You should learn how to play the game and just go kill the black marketteers and perma blockade/occupy them to shut them down. heck, I fight very rarely these days and even I know that this is how you can shut a black market racket down. Get some skills scrub.

      postulate 6 - aka "I don't like how one form of government rewards people with research points from active ct's and they shpould be available to other people using different government forms in lesser quanbtities, yep I don't understand the pros and cons and gameplay approaches of the varying governments adn want to get things other people for a decade have not because i suck at this game and want to be spoonfed"

      I told you i wasn't gonna hold back. I spent 5 months power experimenting and saving ine xcess of 100 million research points earlier this year so I could unleash over 50 research futures at the same time and jump over 8 million total score at once. It was so bad ass that I got accused of hacking by a top ten player who then tried to attack me conveniently ignoring that my total score hadn't shuifted for 5 months at all. If you don't like how slow your research points are accrued, develop more, max your academies to level 32 on all 12 colonies, max out science futures then experiment at least twice a day and you'll get so far ahead of anyone else it'll blow your ,mind. The government system is balanced even the elsser used ones have a place and are used in various situations.

      postulate 7 - shorten battle round time. how about no. learn to wave and don't commit to huge military action unless you are prepared to fight for the duration. reducing battle rounds also screws with the entire miracle system and balance. Again get some freaking skills and learn to play the game. If you want faster p[aced combat rounds, there are a variety of non gameforge games out there, or you could play OGame which is like ikariam but set in space and the combat battles are instant no rounds at all. the system is not broken, just because youa re lazy and have no concept of game balance doesn't mean gameforge should listen to your bs suggestion.

      postulate 8 - miracles are not affected by other players on an island. lets all sit back and press easy mode even if on an island where people are leeching miracles because again, you are too unskilled at the game to deal with it like everyone else is. Miracles being influenced by all colonies on an island is a valid tactic and very easy to counter leeches. Learn to be diplomatic and play the game without your hand wedged so far up your rear end that the game becomes nothing more then a soft core I'm 3 and I know how to mnash the keyboard and win game. get some skills you unskilled scrub.

      postulate 9 - Add an extra colony one ach island that is ai controlled but which if captured and held by a player will grant bonuses like a trade port bonus etc depending pon the buildings in it.

      Ummm barbarian villages exist. So do occupying and blockading other players colonies. Ikariam is a strategic war game. this is not a spoonfeed you everything with no chjance of conflict. Youw ant a retaliation free colony to use and abuse, use your embassy and get a garrison treaty witha player. seriously, do you even play this game or are you just a useless troll?

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Postulate 10 - "Players who donates the most in favour of upgrading Saw mills and facilities that produces luxury goods should obtain an appropriate production bonus in the virtue of being the biggest investor."











      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Postulate 11 - the build times reflect the investment of resources and the significant increase in totals core that those buildings upgrade on completion. They do not need to be changed. Youw ant to speed it up, buy a crap tonne of ambrosia and instant complete the build. It's obscenely expensive to do the high level buildings if you use ambrosia and so very few people ever do. The ambrosia price to instant upgrade a high end buildingr eflects the power spike that building brings. This postulate is crap.


      What are you? a sub 10 million TSer? I've justc racked 51 million TS after 7 years of game play and I have the largest crystal mine in the games history. Your postulate 10 leads ibnto postulate 11 here bebcause high end mines and mills take an age to upgrade timewise. A level 46 luxury mine willc ost youa cool 298 MILLION wood to upgrade. It takes about 2 week to then upgrade from level 45 to level 46. You'll get about 40 or 50 more resources per hour per colony once it upgrades 9assume max helping hands already of course), but you know what, that's fine that's balanced. it's like a level 40 dump takes more then 2 weeks to complete upgrading. but dumps are also one of the largest total score contributors and appearances are huge in this game. A lot of low level players won't touch a high TS player regardless of their actual set up because they appear stronger then they are. This is a amassive game play advantage and again build times are reflected by resources invested. You understand that high end game play most buildings cost a week or two or more of baseline income for a single upgrade yeah? No, i don't think you get that, they take 1 or 2 weeks to upgrad and increase your score byupwards 100,000+ TS for one upgrade, yeah they take time buit that reflects the strength they bring your account. deal with it. the rest of us are just fine with it as it is, it's nothing to get strung up about.

      Postulate 12 - add more sub sections on research as a meanas to achieve things froms ay postulate 11 above. Ummm, no. Not needed, it justa dds crap that isn't needed. More futures would be nice - economic up to like level 50 or whatever you need so as at full ct's and fullw ine use (before ambrosia levels of taverns, museums and town halls) a max population can be attained through normal happiness and not being forced to use theocracy and a perma demeter to maintain max population. I can never get full population in my towns at this point and I have maxed ambrosia levels of museums (252 ct's so good, soooo expensive to get thos ebuilding upgrades though!), taverns and town halls. I use democracy because I dont have temples in all my towns and I have maxed all my research futures yet still i can't get max happiness. this has been bought up before. many times,a cross many years. Gameforge hasn't done anything about it so it's doubtful they will.

      Postulate 13 - Random events are implemented by gameforge free of charge on various significant holidays throughout the year. Sometimes it's increased trade ship speed for a week, otehrs it's decreased build tyimes, increased resoyurce production etc. they are random and unreliable but when they happen they are cool. If you work hard at the amphithetre as a non-ambrosia player you can reward yourself with random ambrosia features free of charge once or twice a week. this fuills this niche of postulatye 13 fairly effectibvely (though it is better value in allc ases to invest in the raw resources then a temporary boost or a premium account for a day or even the troops but that's neither here nor there).

      Postulate 14 - Regular events designed to encourage player participation with prizes.

      How should we put this:

      Piracy exists.

      Barbarian villages exist.

      gameforge tries to get server team wars going - gauntlet wars or some such - but these get very little participation vbecause as much as some people (the fighter only players) like to pretend, ikariam is a multi faceted strategy game it can be approached froma combat perspective,a buoilding perspective a donating perspective or a mix of all of that. Some people play purely to socialise, others like to do their own thing. These gauntlet wars interrupt the ability of players to create their own interactions when theyw ant and this is why they aren't embraced whole heartedly. youw ant some random events that give rewards - fight the barbarian villages. they will yield great rewardss but also may hamper your mines and mills. This is a pretty good event. Piracy is a decent event and finally after years of abusive rewards systems where the top players earn more in a piracy phase then the players who have donated the most to their servers mines and mills could get in the same time frame, piracy is even balanced now with a good reward for the time invested that also promotes combined styoles of gameplay.

      Another event that could be initiated bya player for interaction to enrich their gameplay experience would be grand but it isn't needed. try and be social, create the events yourself and enjoy the game for what it can bring when you put your mind to it.

      Postulate 15 - Achievement system and tutorial system exist to reward players for reaching different milestones. Additional things aren't needed here, they don't add anything of intrinsic value to the enjoyment of the game. the onlyr eal modificationw ould be that when you hit level 6 of an achievement you should get a bonus reward respective to that too. And if you push past that level then a scalingr eward every now and then would be cool, but it's not needed. there are ACTUAL issues that need to be fixed. E.g. change the ares miracle already to something useful. Cooks have existed for time immemorial and so too have tailored waved attacks to in effect simulate an ares on an enemy army without cooks.

      Postulate 16 - piracy should be fixed based on early game interactions for the phase and peopl eilleghally cheating?? Dude, report cheaters to your GO's. then do what everyone else does and just attack, blockade and pillage every single colony of players that evaluate that you suspect are cheating. they gain nothing and you pillage all their goods theys pent 3 weeks working towards. the rewards are not imbalanced for the time invested now so even players that "cheat" as you put it don't get rewarded in a massively disproportionate amount. piracy is more balanced now then it ever has been, even people who are solidlya gainst it agre it is balanced finally.

      Postulate 17 - Godmode is based on development, not on an arbitrary number of days or time. Some people have god mdoe accounts with over 1 million TS because they've played that single colony like a champion God, youw ant to rob years of gameplayf rom people who thought outside the box because you don't understand that once you have a second colony you are no longer in god mode, Dude, warehouses exist for a reason. 4 level 10 warehouses is 20,000 resources of safety. For a new player these levels are easy to get and have enoughs afe limits for most of their development towards 5 or even 6 colonies perfectlys afe. And on top of thjat until beuracracy is researched even if blockaded or occupied they can shift 8,000 resources out of those colonies to any other one every day. You really don't understand how this game plays do you? God mode and early game protection is balanced already. Stop postulating useless crap. I'm surprsied this trhead hasn't been locked and deleted and you gotten ridiculed for how clueless you are by the mods there yet.

      Postulate 18 - new players can choose where they set up not et randmly assigned an island.

      Okay so firstly, new players aren't randomlya ssigned an island. They are assigned to an island with existing players but less then 10 active colonies on the island. If all of those islands are filled they are started on an island with no colonies but withd eveloped mines and mills, if none are available it's a random uninhabited island.

      Normal people spend 3 days deveklopinga palace up then epandingw here theyw ant to,d eleting the first colony and then making the new colony the capital and goingf rom there. Ikariam starts you in as advantageous a position as you need to be. What you do from there is eaasily in your control. the game does not need to pander to this absurd postulate.

      Postulate 19 - Players can adjust the speed of their cargo ships to and from destinations already. You get less cargo space for more speed. It's a free non-premium feature. triton engines is a premium feature and it increases your speed at an ambrosia cost, a lot of people early on use them to get large level GR's done before they get pillagd of the massive levels of resources needed. Then of course the Poseidon miracle exists which can add even more speed. If talking aboyt fleet, well different ships move at different speeds adding them toa nd froma fleet can extend or decrease the time the fleet moves. How you manipulate these movements combined witha poseidon is called "SKILL". get some. This postulate is crap mate. Learn to play the game already.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Postulate 20 - messingw ith the gold only detracts from tehgame.
      Gold pillaginge xisted in the games first iteration, when it got
      pacthed out a lot of whinging fighter only players rage quit, and the
      game went on and many players are here even today. large gold pools mean
      whenever you feel like it you can go into a massive military build many
      times yoru normal capacity. Ita lso allows you to do things like max
      out scientists and workers so you have a huge negative income whilst
      obtaining ingame developmental goals. I myself did this when power
      experimenting. I went from 100 million to less then 20 million
      passivelya cross 5 months of gameplay. Once experiments and futures were
      completed and scientists removed my godl went back up significantly,
      itw as gkorious, it's ncie to be able to afford an army again, but your
      suggestion is ludicrous. your suggestion would have me withj the max
      limit of gold regardless because I have maxed level town halls across
      all 12 colonies, but then a fighter player with 8 permanents developed
      to level 32 and then 3 or 4 floaters would have less gold available at a
      limit. No,m you don't understand how the gold is balanced in this game.
      The whole gold system is what makes this game work where otehrs outside
      of gameforge fails. the time balances of Ikariam is what makes it
      playable long term rather then playingf or a few months then never
      coming back like so many otehr games in the genre of browser games that
      ikariam falls in.

      Postulate 21 - Multyi accounting ina legal form
      exists and it is relatively balanced. Punishing people for having
      multiple accounts on an island donating to that island is not needed and
      just detracts from the game after so many fo us were forced to merge
      into one or two servers instead of the 5 or 6 we were in before the
      mergers. But again you miss two key points here - power donating and
      multi account donating only e nhances the game itself - it provides
      arger incomes for those players and thius makes them more viable and
      profitable as puillage targets. Secondly, if theya re all legal multis
      on an island, you can occupy the weakest account and attack all the
      otehr ones without the fear of being attacked by the other accounts
      because theyc an't do it because legal multiing prevents it and if they
      do and GO's find out they are illegally multi accounting they get perma

      Learn the fracking game system before spewing this crap mate.



      23 - the speed of warships hould be optimised? This was covered above.
      Systems are in place for you to optimise their speed and movements. Fore
      thought and planning before committing to an attack by hitting lesser
      players and using their colonies and action points to launch multi wave
      attacks is commonplace in this game. It;'s an inbuilt system. You
      optimise speed through correct placement of forces and abuse of poseidon
      and being anle to respond tod efensive collossus play.

      Spideytaak's summation of this entire thread:


      tl;dr version is simple - the vast majority of these postulates
      demonstrate a clear misunderstanding of basic gameplay variables and
      mechanics and a disproportionate amount of whining because the mechanics
      are not understood across the games multifaceted whole by the author
      and his/her compatriots.

      Gameforge is under no obligation to

      pander to your demands many of which demonstarte a clear
      misunderstanding that gameforge can exist ina void of monetary gains.
      the ambrosia feartures are either overcoisted and underused or
      relatively fair for what they bring and even then most just boost your
      ability to produce resources or hoard more all of which are still freely
      targettable by othe rplayers who don't ue ambrosia to pillage them. In
      built mechanisms to balance its' use. the amphithetre now exists to
      allow ambrosia features to playera through non-paying means. the people
      who pay to support gameforge get them for longer when they spend
      ambrosia but that's only fair. the people who pay for ambrosia are
      keeping the servers up after all.

      your hate on the black market

      and people who use vmdoe presumably in combat, combined withr epeated
      demands to increase the speed of shoips and forc movement as well as
      change governing mechanisms to increase the speed of research
      acquiaition even though mechanisms such as experimenting and justa dding
      more academy levels or using the amphithetre for research point gains
      all come together to demonstrates a clear lack of ability to fight
      extended battles, understand the subtletites of combat mechanics and how
      to counter people who are outplaying you. You, in short, need to learn
      to play the game better in all facets before anyone in their right midn
      will even pay attention to the absurdities presented here.


      is a longterm multi-faceted strategic war game. it has an underlying
      gold/population happiness system that balances everything and allows you
      to play even when you don't have a lot of time. Unlike other games by
      other companies in this genre, Ikariam has many people who are
      considerably odler playing this game because the mechanics of the game
      allow you to play it even if you have an intensive work of r personal
      life outside the game. A friend of mine who played long ago,w as 70 when
      she stopped, and she stopped only after several months of chemotherapy
      was messing with her ability to play effectively, she recovered from
      cancer and is alive and kicking in her late 70's now (to the bafflement
      of all her doctors) but teh fact is, the game and the time it takes to
      do everything allows you to play this game without huge amounts of
      stress. there are other games out there of a similar nature that don't
      have these restrictions, go play those. OGame for example, by Gameforge
      has faster movement abilities (moon warp gates iirc?) and instant combat
      no combat rounds. you don't like ikariams combat round mechanisms, then
      go play OGame, it's essentially the same thing except in space and much
      more fast paced.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • My first thought is that petitions or whatever aren't going to work. GameForge will upgrade, alter, or delete Ikariam for one thing: money. They create new servers because it causes a spike in ambrosia purchases. They merge old servers to make room for new server, because new servers sell more ambrosia. And they make changes if it will result in ambrosia purchases, like adding the Inventory and the current ambrosia marketplace. Other than that, why should they change anything? I doubt Ikariam makes a whole lot of money for them compared to some of their other games, but at this point it has paid for itself many times over. People (myself included) have been playing this game for more than a decade now.

      My second thought is that all of your postulates are bad. Maybe not all, I only read Spidey's replies, but it's enough to show where you're headed. You want to take complexity out of the game. The problem with this is that it is the complexity of the game that makes it competitive, especially between top players that may only differ in a few key building choices or focus areas. It is also the complexity of the game that allows for so many diverse styles of play. For example, consider Spidey and me. We're both top players but with drastically different styles focused on opposite aspects of the game. But we're both playing the same game, because Ikariam is complex enough to meet our different gameplay needs.

      Ikariam used to be a much simpler game. There were no temples to leech, miracles just did what they did. There were no governments, no Black markets, no barbarians and no pirates. Combat was much simpler, with your units just in a mass without a structured battlefield, walls and artillery didn't really work right, and most armies were all the same type of unit. A thousand swordsmen attacking a thousand phalanx (hoplites) because it was the most efficient way to fight. Or just building thousands of slingers because you didn't have any sulfur and the combat mechanic was so crappy that thousands of slingers were an expensive but viable defense. All in all the older versions of the game sucked compared to what we have now. (except for gold pillaging)

      My third thought is that you haven't found your Ikariam play style yet. However it is you've been playing the game obviously isn't right for you, or else you wouldn't want to change so many things about the game. Try something different. Go start a thread and ask people to describe how they play the game, what their goals are and how they plan and build to achieve them. Cities and accounts look very different between different players based on how they play the game. There are ways to play Ikariam where you never have to fight. There are ways to play Ikariam where you stop building and then always fight. There are ways to do all sorts of different things in Ikariam while pretty much ignoring combat if you don't want to do it. It's a big game, and I'd rather see it get bigger than having it go back to what it was.
    • Nothing like a spider rant to spice up the forum :D

      @The Initiative - Playing off Alhazred's gamestyle commentary, and speaking from the point of view of a player who has dedicated 8yrs to a specific play style, I have to say that I hope you have the intestinal fortitude to take the shizz kickin' and see through Spidey's tough love to the point.

      The great fighters in this game get something that just never clicked with me and building is boring... So I chose a trade based route. Years of work, trial and error, and focusing on an aspect of the game generally misunderstood by the majority of players lead me to developing Ikariam's first legitimate In-Game Business (IGB), The MosCo Market Network. 13 MosCo Locations across the Ny Server, with up to 1.95 million resources available for sale, restocked daily. All because I loved the game, and sucked at the obvious path. You gotta find a way to make the game work for you, and pay attention to the lessons it gives you.

      Now, on Black Markets:

      Black Markets make dedicating yourself to a military neutral - trade/supply based game more realistic. Building to suit being able to adequately produce troops across a wide spread account ( most of my towns are 3-5hrs apart for max customer distribution) would interfere with building to suit customer needs. However, just because I chose to be military neutral, doesn't mean everyone has to agree with that. When I come under fire, my technique is to use the trade connections I make through MosCo to buy my defence forces. Establish a contract and make it worth the arms producers time.

      I have literally jumped from almost 0 to 80k MS in a week before doing this, and with MosCo generating millions in revenue a day, was able to maintain that MS for a prolonged period with a 750k Total Score account.... without coming close to bankrupting. This opens up a whole new level of military strategy, that directly relies on trade as opposed to building a proper war machine.

      Also, there is a punishment for the Black Market. The cost of paying for troops waiting for sale. Geez, a decent stock and a slow week would cost you more than what reasonable prices will get you back in return. That's why there is no ArmsCo.... Cost's me nothing to have stock sitting around waiting for a purchase with resources. The optimal Arms Dealing operation is build-to-order.

      Frankly, I wish more fighters on downtime would get into the business to bolster their own war banks, so I have more options. On Ny there are only 2 players routinely putting up troops for sale, barring any hiding at the edges outside of the MosCo Market Oversight. It sucks, there's gold to be made people.
    • This thread is 3 months old. One of us has to get off our rear ends and create a forum account on the danish boards to then draw attention to the responses here. They had a community representative from game forge respond in that thread, but all the responses were people who looked to not play a long term game and wanted it all simplified because complexity breaks their little heads. Me, I'm lazy as heck, I vote MosCo goes and draws attention to it!

      Shows also how little our boards are really used in the U.S. these days, unlike half a decade ago, ahhh technology moving forwards and communication utilising other mediums.

      p.S. You might want to point out that whilst I break down all the points good and bad in my critique, that Alhazred and MosCo give more, polite yet equally valid feedback so they don't just rage and ignore the thread when they do get here (lets face it, no one wants to be called a scrub who doesn't understand the mechanics of the game or how long term gameplay and complexities of game design make Ikariam still played by many where most oother browser games they've moved on from after only short periods of time relative to the many, many years they've played and continue to play Ikariam).

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Another point to add to the critique of the postulates is this:

      Based on discussions in the parent trhead on the Danish servers, it was put forth that things like piracy should be made more expensive in the research tree and also unlock later on.

      I want to put a counter to that out there - piracy is balanced as is, like most of the advantages and gains of Ikariam including most of the bought with real money to support the game and gameforge as a company ambrosia gains, the gains people can get from piracy can be taken away by people attacking the people who pirate evaluate. Geta bunch of people together and shut down people you suspect are working together to feed each otehr to evaluate. It's really that simple. Restricting it to a later unlock in the research tree doesn't help anyone except longer term players and pushes the difference between new players likely to be preyed upon by more developed players even further because piracy also works veryw ell with people with multiple mobiles available to them. feeders are part of the piracy game, deal with them by stripping them of their resources and locking them down and using diplomacy to tell them if they keep feeding then they will stay blockaded and locked down notd eveloping. Youw ill very quickly see who is raiding their points and have a priority target to move against from there. This is again an example of playing the game aggressively on multiple levels, not being spoonfed things to make the game easier for you.

      The second, and more important point is this - new research add ons adversely affect the longest term players of Ikariam, i.e. the people who have maxed out their research completely. Most demolish all their academies afterwards and have no room for academies again especially when you are looking at the 40 to 50 million plus Total Score players. New research or increasing the cost of research means that these players no longer can get access to those points without demo;lishing buildings usually in excess of 100,000 Total score in master builders points and usually far greater.

      Again, these postulates do nothing but emphasse that the people who are making these dmemands for such changes do not understand the intricacies of the game, its underlying balancing mechanisms nor how it will impact all players regardless of their relative development or gameplay approaches.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • From Postulate 1

      The Initiative wrote:

      It is absolutely vital this game undergo some major modifications and noticeable improvements, which have to be significant and revolutionary enough to call the future version “Ikariam 2” or “Ikariam v8.0” in all good conscience.

      I read this as, "I want you to entertain me by making something I like, regardless of the opinions of the thousands of other players who have enjoyed it for years as is." If they want an "Ikariam2" they can go find their own game. No one will claim the game is perfect, but it has managed to work well enough to keep people interested for years. The rest of the postulates read like someone's wish list of how to make the game revolve around him/her. *rolls eyes*

      I am all for open communication and suggestions between players and GF. But that list ain't it.

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    • Mods, please don't censor this post (because sometimes a working example NEEDS TO BE GIVEN):

      "The Initiative" and all his friends who want Ikariam to be something so drastically different to what it is should go and play "travian". It addresses all their needs and then, at the end of the day, they will come back here and play ikariam because they will realise that Ikariam allows a player to live a normal life as well, not have a game absorb the entirety of their spare time with how fast and constant paced it is. All of the time aspects of Ikariam is what makes it playable even for the people who play it who are CEO's of multi-million dollar companies, and there are a few here on the U.S. domain that are in such a boat though i will not name them.


      You're not only one of the longest playing people on the domain, but one of the most respected of the board personalities, and you sum it up pretty damn well.

      The recent addition of yet another building slot to ones' towns just puts the kiddy gloves on for everyone, there's literally no tactical or strategic thought needed anymore with building an account, everyone can play all aspects of the game now without any serious inconvenience. The only thing that defines the game with compelxity is all of the time aspects that Postulate boy above demands gets dismissed. But we've not all sunk near a decade iof our lives into our accounts for some upstart fool and his unskilled short-term no patience friends to be the agents of sweeping change. Yeah, I'm not holding back, I don't think highly of the Initiative or his and his group of friends concepts because they clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding and appreciation of the tactical and strategic balancing mechanisms that Ikariam has at its' core nor the time elements that allow us as people to play the game even if life makes it nigh impossible to do so.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • I created an account on the Danish boards to direct interest back here to our domain and this thread. It was met with a load of immature crap that i countered and then I was told how I should use sub-headings and other crap to make my writing more clear, this from an english fluent poster who obviously didn't read the trhead as I had to repost the link to here.

      Anyways, I skipped that crap and pm'ed their community manager badidol who seems to be able to talk to gameforge directly and get responded to back from gameforge. badidol is the only voice over there that I am concerned withs eeing this though I also suspect I'll get banned as I called the guy that responded to me in that thread a tosser and told him to go continue having his whinge in the corner as his views shouldn't be considered in threads designed to drastically change the game of Ikariam if he was gonna carry on like that. I'm nothing if not consistent with my blunt non-sugar coating expression of self!

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Spidey Taak wrote:

      I created an account on the Danish boards <snip>
      Spidey, FYI: the .DE boards are the German (Deutsch) boards, not Danish. Germany is the Gameforge homeland so it's no surprise there's an active community manager there.

      Thanks for trying to get him to make an appearance here. Too bad he responded by closing the discussion thread there!
    • It felt pretty hostile there. I made good points, I contextualised our servers and also made some good points related to the postulates, might have been a bit blunt but, the grammar na zi's popped up (nothing against them being german it's a common term okay geez) and proceeded to just ignore what was said. quoting ones' self straight back at them to prove hey youa ctually did address multiple points and already answered these things, why not read the posts next time instead of claiming to then havinga go.

      Do you feel that I was out of line there or that the thread should have been closed?

      Their community manager did respond to me in pm after I sent him a message. Essentially he said he isn't just the community manager - badidol - of Ikariam for the german boards (I always thought it was the danish boards with the .de tag for denmark, lol, now I know) but of other games too and he doesn't have that much time and rather it is the community manager of the US (he listed his name but I can't remember it - frankly, i've never heard of or seen our community manager post or comment on anything so i was completely surprised we had one!) who should read the thread and give feedback to Ikariam's resource team instead. But badidol also said that Ikariam simply didn't have the resources currently to affect any real changes and whilst he'd love to see bigger and more frequent updates it just wasn't a thing on the field.

      Which, lets be frank, we all sort of knew that already (the 2017 gameforge in review video that mentioned OGame but failed to even show a clip of Ikariam for example), and more we're trying to make the point that Ikariam is good how it is and sweeping changes such as those put forth in these postulates shouldn't be affected because they demonstarte a clear lack of understanding of game mechanics, balancing aspects in relation to time to do everything and how buildings/mines that take longer to build do so ata relatively prortional level compared withd oinag whole mess of little upgrades to the same resource cost total, etc. I digress, it was a weird experience which also showe dme that members of the German ikariam players are using a tool similar to the illegal tool ika-world whichw as functional up until the first server merges and was a ban all your accounts permanently offense to use. (Bronn posted an image detailing all the key stats of my account here even down to co-ordinates and miracles and island set ups - that stuff was always illegal as it gave people an unfair advantage, so I'ma litttle annoyed he wasn't even warned for that). I did also learn that the german fighters aren't that good because several questioned my ability to fight based off of my island set up and only having2 hephas and one collossus and the rest poseidons - there's a reason most people don't attack me and it basically gets down to if i want to fight I'll fight just enough to be in a positive then retreat and dismiss and be in donation mode so youw on't pillage anything and any combat is in my favour when I feel like it all the while I'm making fun of you on the board with how much res you failed to pillage off me and how little impact you're having. isolation and the cost to come and attack me plays into it to basically not be worth it. Granted there's not much in an easy range for me to pillage myself these days but whatever. I digress, it sort of boggles my mind when you get players who look at a 50 million+ TS account then make statements of 'XCan you do anything other then donate and build?' - No one gets to 50 million TS without knowing how to fight or playing intelligently as even with higher mines and mills then I have, I'd still not be anywehere near that development level for the time played without pillaginga lot. It just does my head in how stupid some people come off as. Sorry for the slight vent there, as yous aid, they closed the thread 'because it was outdated and old', yep, 3 months is too old. Sorta shows the differences between our boards and the German ones pretty hard lol. Granted most of our communication is all ingame but even so.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • That's F*cked.

      Not just the sharing town locations etc publicly on the boards, but rather that you can be banned or perma banned, make a new account immediately (or take over someone else's) and keep playing and keep doing whatever the heck you want and in effect that ban mens nothing, especially if you were ona throw away account in the first place. IP sharing should extend to IP banning. You get banned on one account then you should be banned on all your multis and that should just extend to an IP ban. It stillw on't stop people using thinsg liek websites that generate unique IP's and you just register or login via those websites but otherwise why even ban accounts if it in effect means nothing?

      So, Zyzyx, because we are allowed to talk about and post locations etc, do you have any of these reliable search tools? Ika-world was illegal as far as I knew even up to the first merge where it became screwed up and didn'tw ork (so I'mr eliably informed) but a feature of that which always intrigued me was that it could show worldwide (like planet earth wide) stats on the top players in any given field, be it TS, MS, etc but to me island development and donations always was all I wanted to know, didn't need locations just mine and mill levels and player donations to know where I stood globally and in the game as a whole not just server and domain local. Are there any tools out there that do this? I would love to know of thems eeing as they are legal to use (since 2010, I must have just missed that announcement as i was playing a little before then and well I'lla dmit it, never re-read the rules except the first time. I'm doing pretty well, I've only sworn once ina pm/circular message and didn't get reported dfor that imnstance heh. ;p

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D