Mithra’s Army (MsA) [VICTORY] DECLARES WAR against Evil Reapers (-Er-)

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    Ikariam team

    • Mithra’s Army (MsA) [VICTORY] DECLARES WAR against Evil Reapers (-Er-)

      On Behalf of the Leadership Council of MsA, serving as the Diplomat, I am formally declaring war on Evil Reapers (-ER-). This war will start in 12 hours from the posting and end when one of the following occurs:

      • Either Alliance surrenders
      • Evil Reapers Dissolves as an Alliance
      • First alliance to achieve 2 million in Total Damage
      • 1 week from the official start of the War

      Whereas, as former members & leadership of -ER- and its now defunct Training Alliance, LIL, we feel the leader of -ER- leads its members astray and refused to make changes that the membership requested.

      Whereas, past members of leadership have put undue burdens on its membership

      Whereas, the Leadership ruled as a dictatorship and did not heed the advice of their Council

      Whereas, The Leader has been banned from the server multiple times and has gone inactive

      We, The Leadership Council of MsA, official declare war on Evil Reapers.

      The Combat Reports thread will be created as soon as the war officially starts.


      Tawmee – Acting Diplomat of MsA
    • More Action i love it

      "I don't know about you guys. It's been my goal since the start of epsilon to kill the server.I enjoy bullying the little guys into inactive status.. pillagin the bigger guys into crying to their alliances, and they quit too. The only rule that has ever applied is "last man standing wins" I intend to win"
      -Napoleon Blown-Apart of Epsilon (Greatest saying ever)
    • With Less than 3 days of fighting, MsA has reached 2m points and is therefor claiming VICTORY in its battle against -E-R-. The CRs have been posted accordingly in a separate thread and here is a condensed version of them:

      dateTimeMsA playerER playerdamage dealt by MsAdamage dealt by ER
      10/9/1816:38:05PhandalverEvil Owl7664018760
      10/9/1816:49:58Neil_1993 and Ken RagnarokVictorious24653390190
      10/9/1819:23:53PhandalverEvil Owl4471011100
      10/9/1819:29:53Mask and PhandalverEvil Owl9033026520
      10/9/1821:08:46PhandalverEvil Owl5863039420
      10/9/1820:54:28Mask and PhandalverEvil Owl130004340
      10/9/1822:49:47MaskEvil Owl3100
      11/9/185:36:07Brambaugh & Neil_1993Alyonsa5752612330
      11/9/181:31:20Mask, Phandalver, KhanFurkan, TCO8600Evil Owl231900100800
      11/9/1817:45:02KhanFurkan & BlackFairyPrince_6465009020
      11/9/1814:03:10KenRagnarokhermes & fring728017135
      11/9/1822:21:24KenRagnarok, Neil_1993, J_Roc, Blackfairyhermes & fring7094032420
      11/9/1823:12:35KenRagnarok & Neil_1993hermes & fring16135087120
      11/9/1823:43:28Neil_1993, J_Roc, KenRagnarokfring136357115
      12/9/183:01:25KenRagnarok, J-roc, Neil_1993, BlackfairyFring9415046550
      12/9/1815:57:54KenRagnarok, KhanFurkanhermes4080013640
      12/9/1815:57:54KhanFurkan, KenRagnarokHermes4050019640
      12/9/1818:16:02Blackfairy, Neil-1993, KenRagnarok, LyoPrince_618450049040

    • Because we wanted to do this war fair and square we even left their inactives alone. Although in ER there isn't a big difference between active and inactive. All the battles we lost were because of our own mistakes not because they tried to do anything back. Our alliance has learned a lot in this war(if you can even call it that) and next time we'll be ready. I'm proud to be a member of MsA