Relocate town in order to raid CP

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    • Relocate town in order to raid CP

      So another piracy season has ended, and i want to share my story. On my server there is a man who has lots of friends to co-op with and ofc he often ends up with highest crew. He and his buff-ers are on their main island, provide a huge amount of CP, no doubts of that. The thing is, this season there was a random guy, he colonized his mobile town right the rear of that capture-point-mine (8 or 9 hours duration of travelling time, i guess) then he farmed those CP. The top man did react, but that guy used quick convert by spending 15 Ambrosia, each time he raided successfully. And then on the very last moment, he spent ambrosia to relocate his town to my PF town. U could understand the situation: with that he got his crew buffed rapidly, he raided me successfully and stole my position. I know i'm not here to cry or silly complain, but that was so brutal, by a simple click, and I couldnt react to that move at all, in other words, i got "one shot" and dropped out of the table. So I suggest that we should have some mechanics to avoid this, for example: "the town after relocate wont be able to raid any other towns within (x) duration of time"
    • The probability of this passing is low since it handicaps something people pay ambrosia for. If you can figure out a way to do this without nuking the outcome though, we can proceed.

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