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    • Multi Account

      Hello everyone,

      I'm a new player to this game and I have been reading a number of items on the forum. I can see a lot of talk about multi accounts and rules concerning them. But I am a little unclear on some of the finer points of the rules. As I would like to start a second account, I was hoping that someone could clarify things for me so that I do things in a correct manner.
      If I have already done something wrong....please allow me to correct ASAP as I have not and will knowingly cheat.
      1. When multiple accounts are referred to, are you speaking about one account that is using the same email address/IP address that is playing on more than one server? Does a set up like this need to notify community of use of same IP address?

      2. In reference to a multiple account that uses the same IP address but has a different email address. I understand that version would need to register the IP address....but does the registering involve only if the two accounts play on the same server vs if they play on different servers. Also, if those two types play on the same server, are they allowed to interact with each other within the game?

      3. A multiple account that uses a different name, but has the same email and IP address??????? Would this account need to have IP registered? Would they be able to interact with each other on the same server???

      I would really appreciate some help

      Thank you,

    • Thank you....that answers my first question.

      Again, I'm just trying to be clear on different ways that one might have/use a multi account so I can fully understand the rules. Would you happen to know the answers to my second and third questions?
    • 2. Different servers: no need and actually there is no way to send ip sharing requests if 2 accounts are on different server, so no concerned. On same server: Its a MUST. Then IP sharing accounts are not allowed to interact to each others. The system also prevent u from doing that once u did IP sharing treaties between your multies.
      3. I dont rly understand the question. U just cant use 1 email to creat 2 or more accounts on the same server