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    • No bro what actually happened is, an Ukranian man from Japan was traveling to China and this was when China and British were in war but plot twist is that this man has a little daughter, so when this man got caught in war with this little child he did not want his child to get harmed and Chinese man who saw the situation wanted to help him out and they made a giant lantern for him to fly away his daughter, so when Chinese finished building the lantern they went up to him and said "Fly me lantern!" pointing at the child, as you know "my" does not exist in Mandarin so it is like fly me lantern you know. This man having no chance put her daughter in the lantern and they just flew it out right before British army stormed the town and burned everything to the ground, so it is very emotional context.....

      Eakaos wrote:

      I hope they don't think this is bumping causd I'm just gonna take a guess at what I might remember about it..

      in war (china vs America some world war but I never cared about history of war) an American pilot walked into town injured tired and broken legged with no guns or other militarial gear walked into town and the first person who saw him out of many told him since it was dark "fly my lantern" in meaning of carry my lantern so the American soldier took the lantern and made his way through town to find someone who aided him in recovery of the leg and other injuries that had occurred to him when his plane crashed. He went back after recovery to the old man who barley understood English to give his lantern back healed and strong and told the man who gave him the lantern "fly my lantern" (in a stern voice) and when the man took it back he claimed he did not know English so the pilot decided to stay and teach them and in return they tought him mandarin and about Chinese culture and he spoke to them of American culture.

      Bye the end of the war the MIA pilot claimed to his family to be dead retruned to America and told his story for years to all kinda of people including the president however the china man did not tell anyone outside of his town. and the American people came with lanterns to all over china telling them with the peace treaty that was signed between America and china "fly my lantern" however none of them knew why or what it meant and was told to be how americans were settling with commonors of china in all tones of American English. Sadly enough the old man who gave his first lantern died before it ever reached his town.

      isn't that correct? but tbh it still meant nothing at all to anyone and was more of a joke to ppl I knew when I was in china 10 or more years ago and was meant to be said 50000000 times give or take however many you want but not less then 100 to a closing of a buissness deal once made (took 6 months of me going back and forth to china to finalize said deal). and theres no wrong way to say it because of how the original pilot said it being STERN most other American travelers to china where sweet. some bold after a while and some condescending after a misunderstanding etc about how it could be used therefor there is no wrong way to say Fly my Lantern???

      if this is way off let me know what it really was about. but I think that is mostly correct if memory serves me right about the last person I ever knew that used the term that does offend me cause it uses "a bad word" and "my life" pretty much meaning condensation towards your own disposition of an event or mishap......

      sorry if I misunderstood the meaning of for my learning I've never heard anyone use that this way and I refuse to accept that it should be used if this is an English speaing game/board unless its actually European cause the game is also based out of Germany isn't it?...most austrailians I know or have known use it for what americans use it for and Chinese ppl don't paraphrase it they say the whole sentence because they know the American/austrailian/south African term is what I and google say it is so I was just warning it has a bad meaning more then anything else