inapropriate language.

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  • inapropriate language.

    I know what most bad words are however I am wondering if there could be a list of usable slang (since bad words are slang) so I can help myself not be so potty mouth ig or on boards ....

    I really wonder about one word I would like to use a lot that I think problably is ok....but I'm scared cause I have been caught using bad language now (even tho I tried really hard not to use bad language)
  • The game doesn't seem to be based of being nice to everyone but I really don't want a ban again for innapropriate language and I was raised that innapropriate words are just sland so I am bad about it ....I was wondering what ones I can use like if I said what the and added either or of two words that start refer to opposite of heaven but mostly not the one the devil lives in more so the "slang" for that anyway and was wondering kiinda of if the word that is directly the opposite of heaven is bad or if it is only about with certain context or what not because it is part of my religious aspect to be able to believe in such a place
  • I should have known better but I don't think I want to play club penguin and spin the records

    and I'm fairly certain I know what I said and that it was wrong to say because of the rules and some other things but I have certain ways I explain things and use certain words even though I believe I can reform for any video game it still would be nice if someone with experience with the game would type in at least the c word because I'm uncertain if I could use that..

    I guess I can stick with crud for now, infact I think I'm going to try my hardest to replace alllllll of my bad words (witch is usually one) to crud because it is a more polite slang for the bad word I use most IRL and I find it less offensive then droppings from a bottom that do not start with the word I used in game while talking about why I left an ally and why I was offended with someone who was being nice to me still on friends list (I presume unless within 3 days of learning about that rule I mistakenly said something else and therefor was reported for that)

    I never said any swear words to you though pepe nor in agora or while I was in DWOOD because I was being cautious to not offend BigLew because he is really a nice person...I did not believe most of the ally I went to where "nice" considering there external page or the short discrtption...and thus why I left to them for more HARDCORE gameplay. witch usually more HARDCORE game play means more hard core slang. so I tested watter and nobody told me not to so I continued with them only....after I was trying to figure out (when confused) why bashing seemed allowed to others I remembered what it was and that a post I read that is old and I believe they should take down commented on bashing or does comment on it that it was being done I ended up asking for a copy of the newest rules found that they don't like innapropriate language so I try

    I believe I can do it like I was doing with all others although it will be as tuff as spelling though is to me because I've typed tho for years now in avideo game that only allows 1 line to be said above a players head so we shortened words so we could fit more.

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  • First of all, we do not allow any sort of ban discussion on the forum. If you have questions about your ban, you need to contact support.

    Second, we do not share our procedures with players, that would be a violation of our DPA, and would result in big problems for us.

    Since nothing good will come from this thread, I am closing it

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