ambrosia did not get taken

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    • ambrosia did not get taken

      I was buying resources (low amounts of wood) from the left of screen get resources tab on eirine and I was spending I belive 28 ambrosia per bundle and I thought it didn't take the I tried it one more time and it gave wood withought ambrosia being taken so I stoped and reopened the window (deduction of 56 ambrosia should be done if necessary) not sure why it did this however I was switching towns from one to another and ambro buying the small packets of wood (differnet costs per different towns) just happened to be 28 ambrosia

      and I keep a watchfull eye on how much I spend at a time
    • you don't get packets from that way of buying resources you simply get the resources themselves

      and I cant log in that I don't know why and when I asked a mod in conversation he told me to do what I have done (I'm not very good at computer problem solving with this type of thing)
    • In order to check this, we need a ticket in the support-system. This is to verify that the user who wants the information is entitled to the information.

      The support-system requires a new account, but it has to have the e-mail (or if you have multiple accounts e-mails) of the account verified. You cannot use your game-credentials to log into the supportsystem. However you can create a new account (if you use hotmail, it is recommended that you add to your contacts before you start, since hotmail will often send the confirmationmails into the trash). <---this is the link to the supportsystem.

      If you still have issues, feel free to send me a message, and I will try to help.

      Found a bug? Message me or open a ticket
    • uhg I really need this to be fixed but to be able to post on the boards at all I registered for support...I can log in the boards and not there..i have another issue I need to talk to support about....I simply followed a link from my email to log in the boards and haven't closed it yet though

      I will get perma ban for whats going on now if I don't hurry to contact support
    • I believe its telling me I already have an I reset my password to my email and it gave me a new pw that wont work however called me this name
      Hello Tufan Fesligen

      Your password has been changed successfully.

      From now on you can log in to our system by using the password below.

      that is not my name nor is it tied to my email
    • I did play years ago with the same email address name but a different email with a fake name but that wasn't the name either and it was on the beginning of beta ...I deleted that email because I wanted to start fresh with my real name and the same email I changed it but my name was something like Thomas witherspoon or at least it was an American European name not whatever type of name that gave...