make game rules easier to find

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    • make game rules easier to find

      the ones I was refered to bye a GO are at the bottom of the rules threads. I actually read a bunch of old rules before I thought something was being broken...people kept telling me bashing was removed and I kept referring them to a 2010 post..because its above the actual most updated rules (2016) witch I asked a GO from a different server that plays ereine for a link to the most current rules and have now learned after I played for 2-3 weeks (I started a few days before ereine release and was on the eriene server from day one so however lonog that's been)

      contacted my attorney already before getting the rules link from Biglew so I'm not sure how that will go but....

      you should put them above all old post of the thread that posts ikariam's most updated rules it would make it easier for new players

      my attorney and I are going to go after nothing financially or anything like that its that we want change to your boards so every new player doesn't get confused and send you useless tickets (witch I didn't do) and my attorney asked that I make a post asking you to do the change for new they aren't as confused as I was
    • So,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I've revised the diplomacy rules post. Sometimes with game rule updates we don't think of all the additional threads that not only need to be updated but revised.

      That being said:

      1. Up to date game rules can be found by clicking the link in the bottom right of your screen ingame titled "Rules" right next to the T&C.

      2. Board rules can be found at the very first section of the board entitled "News", then the second folder titled "Board and Community News" and finally the link that says "Board Rules". The diplomacy rules are actually an announcement made to all world boards so they actually originate from here.

      2. Suggestions are welcome and will always be considered, however if legal action or intervention is mentioned they will be rejected out of hand and you will be asked to contact to our legal dept. (which the information can be found on every login for every Gameforge game).

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