Increase max capacity and speed of tradeships/ amount of tradeships

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    Ikariam team

    • Increase max capacity and speed of tradeships/ amount of tradeships

      Currently Transporting goods between islands 10+ hrs apart with miracle is a long time. Some are over a day. Something needs to be done with the time frame and trade ships. Idk why but this message literally typed its self and I think it can be an issue that can be fixed with some researches that let you buy more ships that are future researches, or for each future research in seafaring add 10 then 20 then 40 then 80 or whatever you want to do. I've been playing 10 years and I will buy even more permanent trade ships that would be great a long with maybe an upgrade on the trade ship to gold or whatever to shave some time off transports. The new server has a great advantage and a lot of growth I like playing on it, but a lot of us still play on Beta, Alpha and the rest of the newer servers that have very small populations. Overall I think adjusting the trade ships a little more for bigger loads would help a lot of us that have millions of resources I think a fair amount of permanent resources to be able to transport at 1 time would be 1 million resources or 2,000 trade ships at 500 resources per trade ship. How about we do this increase the number of trade ships to 1,000 after a certain research or a few or whatever, even charge more ambro for some of those whatever and if the ships maybe could be upgraded to hold more than 500 res would be awesome 1000 res @ 1000 ships is 1 million resources and that would help a lot of us that have been playing for 10 years. Even if it is reduced to 500 @ 500 I'd be graceful which is a modest 250,000 resource amount to travel. My travels are very far to my single marble town they take over a day round trip with the miracle. Having 234 @ 1000 res capacity (I currently have 234 on my main beta account) that would help me out a lot. I definitely do know that an increase in trade ships would help the end game of this game by a lot. It's a shot though I'd really like to move a few million resources through the market. 500 res per ship is just not enough if you don't feel like giving us the ability to increase the amount of ships we have. The friend system for ships is very flawed and the mobile app needs to be reworked a little as well, but another post can be made on that. I just basically want there to be a permanent increase in the amount of resources I can transport at one time to at least 250m-1m having an ability to upgrade the ships speed and storage would also help really cool. :beer:
    • Unfortunately this falls under the following dead end idea:

      Anything that gives away a pay-to-use (P2P) option for free
      • Plus feature(s)
        Some users want to access the convenient features of Ikariam Plus, and pay real world money to do so. That is their choice. (That money goes towards the upkeep of the servers, so in essence they are paying for the bit of extra space taken up for them to have such features.) If you want to have those same features, you can buy them too.
      • Increased resource-gathering, Premium Trader
        Same as above. Extra resources and premium trades are not necessary to successfully play the game, but some players value these options and purchase Ambrosia to access them. (These players are not "cheaters" but are helping pay for upkeep of the servers, which YOU get to use for free.) Again, if you wish to have those bonus features, you can purchase Ambrosia.
      Because the permanent allowed trade ships can be increased by buying the Phoenician merchant ships, you would be suggesting a free way to do the same thing.

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