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    Ikariam team

    • regarding email confirmation problems - please read

      it seams there is some problems with hotmail, yahoo and AOL with the ingame confirmation emails.

      if you do experience some problems with it try using another email service, like gmail. that should solve your problem for now.

      we hope to get the problem with them fixed shortly :)

      if there are problems with any other mail providers feel free to PM me and i'll add them to the list
      [SIZE=3](thanks daavisg)[/SIZE]
    • Yahoo mail activitation tutorial

      As many people complained that you cant recieve any lmails from Ikariam to your Yahoo mail, we solved the problem. This tutorial will show hw to add in your filters so your spam filter will let it threw to you mail, so here we go...

      1. In mail press options button on top right [number 1]

      2. press Mail options from scrooldown menu [number 2]

      3. Click Filters [number 1]

      4. After that click Create or edit filters [number2]

      5. Click on "Add" button

      6. in steps 1. and 2. add word "ikariam" [refer to picture below]

      7. After that change place where messeges from ikariam will be shown to inbox [number 3]

      8. Click "Add filter" button [number 4]

      And there you go, you will see messeges from Ikariam in your spam folder

    • Gamerelated informations and reports

      [list]Dear Community

      SiS and the future staff for the game will handle your
      reports about ip sharing, ruleviolation, suspected multis,
      etc. Please dont write so many pms to me about it - ask
      your Admin/the gamestaff .

      Thx in advance
    • Premium Mode

      Hi ^^

      As many of you were awaiting, it's time to integrate some premium features into Ikariam.

      You can order these features via our inter-currency "Ambrosia" (like dark matter, rubies etc.). By buying Ambrosia you may order the premium features that will show up as 4 different "Advisors".

      Quick and easy list of Advisors:

      1. 20% more Advisor for each Luxury Good :
      there is one premium feature for 20% more marble, one for 20% more crystal glass, one for 20% more wine and one for 20% more sulphur, and you can choose between them... so you have to buy all to receive 20% more of all

      2. 5% more Building Materials Advisor :
      if you buy all Advisor´s you receive 20% more building material

      3. Empire View :
      list how many troops / which building levels etc. in every city/town

      4. Merchant :
      what is it and how to use it? You call e.g. a merchant who buy´s crystal glass (with x Ambrosia) and trade it into something else. So e.g. 1k crystal glass into 2k building material or 1k crystal glass into 1k marble. After the successful trade the merchant disappears and you have to order a new one for your next trading.

      Details for the merchant trade ratios:
      * luxury goods (crystal glass, marble, sulphur, wine) : luxury goods = 1:1
      * luxury goods : building material = 1:2

      We'll let you know when Premium Mode is available. Team
    • [list]Dear Community

      i got a lot of mails and pms in the last days and i really dont have enough time to check them - thats why theres a gamestaff for If you want to tell an ip sharing to us, or recognized multis at the game: Please contact SiS and her team.

      Thx in advance
    • Planned features

      Dear Community,

      today you get some news how Ikariam will develop in the next time
      best regards

      Planned Features:

      - Action Points

      Limited numbers of actions (Fleets, Military) at the same time in a town, depending on the Town Hall´s Level. Systems with their own limits (espionage) are not included.

      - Corruption

      The bigger the empire becomes, the more ressources you must spend to upgrade your administration or to remove the corruption. This happens by upgrading the governor's seat - the colonial variant of the palace.

      With that, we want to reach:
      New colonies are not productive 100% immediately - the extreme power and production increase by an additional colony is reached slowly. Colonies get more expensive until they are really useful, but without elevating the palace´s costs too much and don‘t making the steps unreachable for Casual Players.

      - Piracy

      You will be able to send buccaneer fleets, to attack other player`s transport fleets on their way, and protect trade routes with your warships.
      For this fight we will implement new looting rules, which will be transfered (later) to the ground troops too.
      Trade Fleeds that ship into blockades get in a battle and are able to loose charge. In Sea battles, ressources can end up in the sea, get lost or be taken to a nearby coast.

      With that, we want to reach:
      -Getting started easier in the “economic war“ for newbies, without complicate blockade- / military manoeuvers.
      - Transports without escorts are dangerous. Self-sufficiency also needs expenditures – eventually more than local purchase, in which the traders have to take care about the goods arrival themselves. Traders have to arrange security or get help from fighters. Trades and Transports are to safe at the moment.
      - More Sea Battles -> because of the high upkeep for both sides less Gold in the world -> because of the sulphur costs of the ships more sulphur is used ->
      -> thereby we expect some deflation and sinking market prices, while the value of sulphur should increase a bit in comparison to the rest.
      (Probably not yert on the same Level, but a first step to reach it).
      - As a result that ressources can be lost, more materials get out of the game.

      - Restructuration of ressource system

      8 new buildings planned, that will affect the ressource production and the ressources costs on a colony. Because a complet reconditioning of the balancing is needed anyway, both will be done at the same time.
      The construction will get more expensive. With this, the rate for building time to costs will be changed – shorter Building time with higher costs. Longer “Saving Phases“ appear during the ressources for the next level have to be protected.
      Beside, we correct some estimates that have been done before the balancing release.
      (The ressource Level on the players islands on each level was estimated, but affected all cost functions of the game – now we can balance it with real data), which should have relatively strong effects on the price organization.

      With that, we want to reach:
      - By changing the costs/time relation the game will get more difficult, and looting, piracy and defense becomes more important. This change should increase military expenses and make sulphur a very demanded good.
      (Until now this relation was adjusted very good natured, to make the game not to dificult for casual players and newbies – you almost allways have enough ressources for the next building.
      Because of that, the need to loot or to trade was minor. At the same time, the need to defend was not very high – because it didn`t interfare.
      - Because of the new buildings we can remove the marblecosts in the beginning – the more buildings we implant, later we can get the marble in the game (the total marble use for the building construction stays the same, but it gets distributed on more options). This removes the advantage from marble islands at the beginning.
      - The game duration until you reach a complete upgraded empire gets clearly longer.
      - The additional construction options should open some exciting strategic upgrading options.

      - Tutorial / Barbarians village / Noob Protection

      We want to implement a Step-by-Step Tutorial, that will help the new player to get introduced into the game and includes everything from assignment of the workers up to military troop construction.
      For all new players (also the ones that skip the tutorial) there will be an babarian village (NPC) on the island to practise attacks and fights to loot some ressources for a faster start, without getting another player annoyed.

      This village will not be a shared ressource – each player has his own barbarian village with an adapted difficulty and rewards, but the village will not stay forever.
      Within the tutorial the barbarian village will be used to try out attacks and fights.

      We also plan to implement a Noob Protection, to guard new players completly, and later on to punish unfair and unjustified attacks (we must punish independent of the points, for example, also not punish threat attacks to upgrade ressource).

      With that, we want to reach
      - Easier game introduction
      - Nice side effect: we could increase the costs for initial buildings due to the barbarian village as a generic resources generator, so that these are not only "peanuts" in the next colony foundation, and some more luxury goods will be provided in addition to the minimal bonus in researches, without filling up the warehouse of the player and so be a target for attacks.
    • Dear Community,

      The Premiumfeatures for Ambrosia will take place
      in the next days with the following rates:

      +20% Marble 5 Ambrosia / week
      +20% Sulfur 5 Ambrosia / week
      +20% crystal 5 Ambrosia / week
      +20% wine 5 Ambrosia / week
      +20% wood 5 Ambrosia / week
      Ikariam plus (all overviews) 10 Ambrosia / week

      we wish you a lot of fun with the new features.
      best regards

      Your Staff
    • Message Report

      Dear community,

      a function to report messages to the admins was
      implemented today, in case of insults or other
      ruleviolation via pm. how to use the function
      right and what for, will be announced soon.

      best regards :)
      Your Staff
    • regarding SMS payment issues

      it seams there is some issues with the SMS payment for the US users.

      if you experience such issues please contact Lissala via PM, and she will deal with it
      <- click to PM her

      we appolagise for the problems

      your team
    • Corruption is coming - 04/28/08

      Corruption is on it's way

      Hello folks,

      at the moment the corruption is at 1% on all worlds. However as some of you might have read already over at .org plans are to change this as follows:

      At the 28th of April the corruption will be changed to 20%!

      The week after (probably on Monday) the corruption is increased by 10%. Every week 10% will be added to the corruption until it is at 100%.

      To control the corruption in your towns build up your Governor's residences.

      Kind Regards,

      Your Ikariam.Com Team

      (by) Lord Doom
      Fear the Magic!
    • dear community

      due to missing informations, i cant forward most
      of the tickets. Please give all needed informations
      (server, nickname, e-Mail, date, how much ambrosia,..)
      when writing a pm to me or better: write your ticket

      Thx in advance
    • Missing server / Board lags

      Hey boys and girls

      we are aware of the problems with missing display of servers
      (registration, index) and heavy board lags. Please be patient,
      a fixing is in progress.

      Thx and don't panic ;)

      best regards
    • When to report a message

      The IKariam team have currently been receiving a lot of false message reports.

      Please ONLYuse the message report, if somebody has sent you an offensive message.

      Do NOT repport requests etc. The message you report will be submitted to a Game Operator for action, and there is no need for them to go through hundreds of messages that are fine.

      If somebody is calling you really bad things, or is using very inapropriate language, then please use this tool, otherwise please just use delete.

      Please do not let this put you off using this tool if you think it is questionable, as the GO will ultimately decide.

      Please be aware that a Game Operator may contact you about misuse of this feature, and may take action against offenders if deemed necessary.

      It is a waste of GO time when they are trying to help you. So instead please help them, help you.

      Thankyou for your cooperation.
      Happy Gameing
    • Beta Downtime

      We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our beta server. we aim to have this fixed as soon as possible. We will post updates as soon as we have them.

      We thankyou for your patience,
      The Ikariam Team.
    • Dear Community,

      We are currently running major cleanups on that machine.
      IKariam-Development team has been informed about that situation and will
      take a close look later today.

      Kind regards,
      Game Admin
    • Dear Community,

      The problems that had brought beta down have now been fixed, however another issue has arised from this, casusing some training/construction/fleets to become frozen.

      We are working hard with the developers to get this fixed ASAP.

      Kind Regards,
      Game Admin
    • -Update- We have just fixed some problems with the event-handler. The problems should be fixed shortly, it may take up to a few hours for everything to be working as expecting.

      Concider this an expected turn in your towns events, everybody on the server suffered the same problems, so you are not at a disadvantage.

      Thankyou for your patience.

      Kind Regards,
      Game Admin