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    • ZombieGuy wrote:

      Lol, this is the only thread that brought the Boreas forum to live and you're closing it? Great management.

      Gιαɴɴιѕ wrote:

      Don't know what is this kirby person all about, but until she gets a moderator, the only thing she can close are her own posts.

      ZombieGuy wrote:

      Lol, he/she had some server rep signature a couple of hours ago.

      Gιαɴɴιѕ wrote:

      Still server reps cannot force close threads.

      ZombieGuy wrote:

      Ah, I wasn't aware of that. I'm quite unfamiliar with the attributes of all these people. Never really cared about them. Thanks for letting me know though.
      I am not a moderator on this server, I am a moderator on another server,my previous post was because your posts have nothing to do with this topic.On the server where I am a moderator, such topics are :wclosed:
      Life is an eternal struggle.
      Who does,he can.Who knows no fear,goes forward.
      Vojvoda Zivojin Misic
    • This thread is an off topic aka spam thread, dear moderator from another mysterious community, hence no serious posts can be expected all the time.Nobody cares about this, we know what circumstances would persuade GF to actually make merger happen.

      Now go back to your community and close threads there.
    • kirby k2 wrote:

      kirby k2 wrote:

      I think there were other posts out of this topic.
      :closed: :closed: :closed: :closed1: :closed1: :closed1:
      If you are moderator in different community, than you should know how moderator should act on board, because this isn't how moderator should behave.
      In fact, I know communities, that would consider post with only your own quote and smiles as spam and it would be removed.
      And by moderator I guess that you mean your elite member status on en community, because its in your avatar in this and Serbian community. If so, than that elite member status isn't nowhere near being moderator.

      Now returning to the thread, yes, game need changes and for us, mortal players only knowable way is server merge, that could safe the game, but maybe GF is some other way to make game alive again, but maybe they don't have any other idea and they are just waiting for something that they themselves don't know.
      Right now merge is necessary, because servers are empty and one of the reasons are that newer players are migrating from older servers to servers, that are just opened and the only ones that are still playing in old servers are the veterans of this game not the new players (of course there are few exceptions).
    • I know the difference between the elite member, moderator and other ranks on the forum.In Serbia, I was a moderator at a time when Zeka and Tikitija were super moderators, it was a long time ago,spam smilies have long ceased to be valid,It does not matter now...

      Okay, connecting the server will not work much, because in the end, that server will be dead after a while,Here is a long-term solution for players to stay and play on old servers, but I think it's impossible.She plays slowly but surely dies.And this forum is defectively dead.
      Life is an eternal struggle.
      Who does,he can.Who knows no fear,goes forward.
      Vojvoda Zivojin Misic
    • kirby k2 wrote:

      Here is a long-term solution for players to stay and play on old servers, but I think it's impossible.She plays slowly but surely dies.And this forum is defectively dead.
      Where is your mentioned solution for old servers and who is she, who plays slowly but dies?
      I guess, that you haven't seen really dead board. True, that this board isn't as active as en board, but this board is still active.
    • Lol.

      Kirby would you be willing to bring this topic up on your local server? And maybe add the idea of an international server so that we can all play against each other.

      Fighting the same players from the same country is getting a little dry. More fun to wake up to getting attacked several times during the night :)

      Also DarkAngel, what's your perspective on this topic? You've moderated the forum for a couple years so you have experience with these questions. You may even know someone at GameForge who can shed some light on their availability to merge servers, create an international server, or provide us a free "move account" to new server ticket. That way we can all decide to move to Giannis' server and attack him :D

      ~ Knuckles
    • My thoughts?

      Another merge within the community will happen before an international one will. TBH... I don't think that there will ever be a merge between two communities, at least the game side there won't be....but the only ones that really know that are the peeps at GF. I know over in King's Age, they have merged all forums into one international forum with sections for each of the languages. But the games still have their own servers.

      Yes, I agree. There are a lot of servers that are dead, but I don't think merging them with another community will help. And I don't really think another merge would help in the long run. Short term, yea.....It will bring a little bit of life back in the servers, but once the newness wears off, we will start seeing a thread like this pop up again. We have already had two merges and here we are again wanting another. Once you have been here long enough, you notice trends. (Side note: As I wrote that, I just realized I have been here 10 years now....)

      As far a a free move server have no control over that, but I believe they have offered discounts on them in the past with the Happy Days. Guess you will just have to wait for one to come up and then move to Giannis' server to attack him
    • It will never happen.It actually had much more chance several years ago when payment worked differently than it does now.I am not going to waste my time and go into detail, connect the dots on your own.

      Mergers will not help.Game is still the same.What killed each of these servers in the first place will kill them post merge too.Merger is an easy, short term solution that anyone can come up, but in long term it solves nothing.
    • Thank you for sharing, DrkAngel. At what point does GF look into new ideas like this for consideration?

      Other than keeping smaller accounts from being bullied or promote the game ( "new" server ), why does GF think creating new servers is the best way to keep the game active?

      The issue we find ourselves in is the fact that there is always turnover in a game: players come and go. But if the players stop coming (because they are going to new servers instead), and players keep leaving the server, what you get is what we currently have: a bunch of hardcore players resisting the urge to leave the server but these groups are so small that there is barely any new interactions, conflicts, trades, alliance growth occurring just account growth or playing an MMO that is really just an O.

      I could see an Old Server (accounts more than a year old), a New Server (accounts less than a year old) and War Server = 3 total servers. This would benefit us as you can do a lot with a year old account. As for the international server idea, its a stretch, but I love stretching things :)

      As investing all my RAM...I'm currently operating on a blockchain network and have an infinite amount of it!

    • knuckles wrote:

      why does GF think creating new servers is the best way to keep the game active?
      Creating new servers mean that players are more competitive and they spend more money to advance faster than their enemy. After some time this new server calms down and along with that decreases money investment that players spend in this new server. Since Gameforge is company that need to make profit, its reasonable to open new servers with new bonuses to attract players wallets to this server.
    • I understand this Monk. But you can also encourage players to spend money by creating a competitive environment that lasts:

      ie: making sure there are enough players in the server contending for power, attacking each other, and spending money in crisis (ie: to protect resources from getting stolen, buy and deploy units to overwhelm an enemy, and creating tournaments where alliances win prizes if they place higher: where leaders encourage their members to buy to place).

      Other games make way more money this way. And these strategies are more proactive and sustainable then stretching the user base across several different servers and making them rebuild each time whenever they want to be a part of an active server.

      At least create a trial program with tournaments or something. Anything will do at this point to make the game better.
      Also, can we look at revising Push rules so that alliances can reward members for collaborating in events?