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    • knuckles wrote:

      At least create a trial program with tournaments or something. Anything will do at this point to make the game better.
      That is exactly what it all should start with, not with creating international server, that basically means just another server merge with out any improvements of the game. Merge will help only for short time period ( 6-12 months) after that time this merged server will start to die. There need to be tournaments and contests that encourages players to play and spend money, but only encourage not "pay to win".

      knuckles wrote:

      Also, can we look at revising Push rules so that alliances can reward members for collaborating in events
      In what kind of events and how big rewards? Give some ideas with example, not only complain about existing system. If you can come up with reasonable ideas with examples, than maybe they can be realizabled, other way currently it only looks for attempt to legalize pushing.
    • As for Push Rules, all I would like is the ability as an alliance leader to reward players with say 50,000 resources without trading at a 2 for ie: they give me 50k wood and I give them 100k wood = trade where they get 50k wood.

      This is how we currently do things to manage the Push Rules by making sure everything is in the form of a Trade. But if there is some leniency or if I can alert GF when I am going to be rewarding a player or helping a noob get up to a TS level where they can grow more quickly based on the resources I send them, it would be helpful. Though GF shouldn't get bogged down by these tickets so if there is a better way of dealing with this issue, it would be good to know.


      As for tournaments, yes, this would help bring activity back into the server. BUT there is still an issue that the players are spread too thin across servers. So even if there were tournaments where the top alliances would place and get rewards (as is in most games), there wouldn't be competition because everyone would just join the top 3 alliances or create 1 alliance to win every time.

      We currently have Piracy Tournaments that are a bit better, but individuals win, not alliances - unless the alliance works together to get one of their members to place - which is what a lot of alliances do. Even though a lot of players just play (mainly on mobile) for placing in Piracy, there isn't much else to do as a team in the game other than declare wars which isn't very constructive: ie: we need more activities that help our members grow and stay active. At least from a leader's perspective.
    • Tournaments

      Actually, GF could set up the Tournaments between servers of each nation = Boreas v. Alpha etc.

      Making the Tournaments based around activity and providing premium resources to get more with the time you put in.

      This might be a little difficult to manage. Though you could use a weighted average on different servers to equal it out. Say Boreas has 200 players = 200x Activity, while Alpha has 100 players = 100x Activity. Alpha can receive a 2x boost = 100x * 2 = 200x Activity.

      In this case, it would bring up activity in all servers at the same time. Though there would likely be more cooperation inside servers and less wars. Unless that is, in the case of a Tournament based around Damage points gained in which everyone would build massive armies to destroy each other with to gain as many points as possible during the tournament.

      I have seen this set up in other games inside a single server, but I'm sure it could work as well between servers.
    • Monk, they could use any of those, as well as MS, offensive/defensive scores. Thus encouraging each server to not only more activity, but interserver tourneys would help them solve the " we own the joint, but are too lazy/stupid to finger out why an actual merger isn't possible"
      It isn't because they can't, it's because they have no clue how. Making a new server is easier, since all they have to do is clone the original programming, and change the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol end address (HTTP for anyone Whom might have wondered what that stood for. YOU may have known, but not everyone would)
      Not having ever seen any of the source code, I'd guess the game is mostly HTML and Java. Newer coding wasn't very well developed when the game first started, and the basic look/functionality hasn't changed a great deal. Or. doesn't appear to have, to Myself at least.
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