Upgrade Math

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    • Upgrade Math

      To upgrade a level 9 Palace to level 10 if you had no reductions you would need 2247131 building material. If you have a level 32 carpenter and 14% research reduction you need 1410989 building material. Now that is a 37.21% reduction. But a 32 level carpenter gives 32% reduction and research gives 14% reduction so you should be getting a 46% reduction in costs, which is 1213450 building material. I just know I am missing something here with the combined percentages but I can't seem to figure out what it is. Can anyone explain? Thanks.
    • Monk wrote:

      What exactly you can't figure out?
      Basic building material 2,612,944 / 46% = 1,410,990 and 1,410,990 is exact number of building materials with max reduction, if you have 32% from carpenter and 14% from research.
      Where do you get the basic 2,612,944 amount from?

      Thank you, Monk. You have cleared this up for me. I was starting off with the wrong basic amount. I thought that the amount shown under the "Help/Building" menu in-game was the correct basic amount but now I see that that amount already has the 14% deducted. I found the correct basic amount in the wiki and now it all works out. Thanks.

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