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Ikariam team

  • I started off with sulphur and I got off to a pretty slow start. But I did manage to sell a lot of the sulphur, so it wasn't completely useless. After that I settled on a marble island and things sped up from there.

    So yeah, I picked Marble. :D
  • I think Marble because you NEED it first and most often, until you're really into the upper echelons of creation. Wine and arguably sulfur come much later, so they don't do YOU any good while you're trying to start out. Everyone needs marble all the time.

    I think Crystal is middling helpful, because the Academy eventually pays off for upgrades by reducing other costs, and higher-level cities need it more for trade, so the smaller city has something of value.
  • There is one theory that crystal glass can be most useful as it gets your academy up with no marble needed. Then you can get to the Palace very quickly and get that first colony to a marble island that folks have been upgrading.
  • I thought it was pretty easy staring on a wine colony... I mean I had a good resource for sail, everyone needed wine to make their people happy. Even better it allowed me to amass the resources to expand into my marble colony. Now I've got Marble, wine, and crystal. I think my next colony will be another wine to make more income for troops, I can always buy sulfur with my amassed gold to get troops.
  • i thinkas starting resource would be best crystals, then fast u can take other resources, but this topic about witch island is the best so in my opinion all of them are good because:
    crystal, help u to reaserch fast, and let u to build some spy, that u can see what ur opp have (resources, army)
    marble, need for all buildings exept academym, so it is very usefull
    wine, with it u can have many people very fast and get many gold, build big army
    sulfur, without it u can't build strong army
    ofcourse many people say that marble is very needed it true, but then i start playing this game i got to crystal island and ofcourse many people next would be take marble but i took sulfur :Dand next i took wine the last one i took was marble i know it sounds funny and noobish(i didn't know how to play at start), that should be bad that i took marble the last, but i'm playing and i don't see very big problem about that
  • Well for me I started on crystal and is seems to have worked out fine for. Marble might have been good to start on but if you are like me and you like to finish things up crystal is the best I have been playing little over a month now and I have my academys really high and by doing that it has allowed me to research nearly everything wich in turn allows you to grow make money and pretty much do it all. I have a great army to, do research I have several colonies and not to mention once you research glass you get to use the glass to research even faster some have many marble colonies I have 2 crystal colonies. So really it is up to the person and what they like to do. You can start on anything and still come out ahead. I am on betta gamma and delta I started on various islands and they are all doing well.
  • I agree with franklin, I started off on a crystal island and was able to research a bunch and get a second colony quick. I have four colonies, 1 crystal 1 wine and 2 marble. Sulfur is to easy to get from everyone else, especially since they all need crystal and marble.
  • uh oh. I'm torn between logic and preference ;( ;(

    logic states marble, as it is in high demand and is required for most building upgrades, but preference is leaning towards wine, which keeps my citizens from emigrating.

    i must therefore state that above sulfur and crystal, marble and wine are most important in expansion and thus power within the game of Ikariam.

    P.S. I picked wine in the pole :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  • i would have to say starting out in marble for defensive and town upgrading reasons and basically every thing costs marble or wood in its innital stages. most important i think is the wall getting a level 4 wall quickly is a nice deterant to outsiders also tarding about 50 glass can get your research up to level 6 or so enough to not spend all day on expansion then you move straight to glass increase your research higher and higher then finnally go to wine then sulfer if you can do this under others radar you will have an island in no time
  • I have started on marble, crystal and sulfur.

    Both marble and Crystal were fun to start on mostly because the people where I started at the mill and quarry were over level 6, so it was a breeze. My ownly concern there was getting viewed as a leech so I just donated as much as can every time I could. Sulfur was very slow, hence why I eventually started on the other servers while I waited for my main account to finish. What made it harder was people were not really donating at all. If you have marble you can trade for crystal easily and if you have crystal you can trade for marble. I think what makes the difference is the how high the mill and mine are when you get there. With sulfur I was later able to trade for marble or crystal or just sold it, because I didn't need an army. Wine I just lived with out it. I think to increase happiness without wine I just upgraded the tavern a few times until someone was nice I sold me theirs for 25 to 30 gold.
  • Marble > Wine > Crystal > Sulfur... imho.

    I have to say, starting out on a marble island I would have said crystal my first week...

    After I obtained crystal I would have said sulfur...

    After I obtained sulfur I would have said wine...

    After I colonized wine I realized marble was it all along! I realize how fortunate I was to not even realize my luck starting where I did =)

    Gee, how things change as you live and learn!
  • Id say Marble cus you know i was mostly focusing on upgrading my buildings(mostly town hall)and you cant upgrade without marble then i would say go on with wine cus if you upgrade your tavern high you get more people who join but you got to have big town hall mine lvl 18 and tavern 10 so my growing is +5 per hour so atleast get kinda a lot of people and more people gives more money and more goods
  • Around my cluster of cities, the usual unit prices of the resources are as follows:

    Marble - 40+, if it even shows up on the trading block at all
    Crystal - 25-30
    Wine - 20-25
    Sulfur - 15-20

    Marble is drastically more valuable in this game, as shown by the market prices, and it's not even close.

    I'd put Wine and Crystal at roughly even importance for second place, although Crystal will probably jump ahead when workshops are fixed.

    Sulfur is dead last, I've knocked the prices on my sulfur island down to 12-15 before simply because my warehouse was full of the stuff. And I do my fair share of pillaging, so it's not because I don't have an army.

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  • RE: Official Discussion: Which island is the best?

    i think its crystal glass because u need the glass for better research and with research u higher u finish ure research faster and get more better things to build u also need crystal glass to upgrade
  • I started on wine, and look at me now!
    My order was wine,marble,crystal,and last and least sulpher.
    that is the order I theink is most importaint.
    I still haven't needed my sulpher island, i use armored slingers, and i own every time